2nd vaccine done

Long queues. S/dau had me wait in the car, and then got me when it was time for ours.


My second vaccine is next week. Glad you got yours


Glad you’re all sorted vaccine wise @firemonkey

I get my second next month

Was a bit worried that some people were saying the second one can give you worse side effects than the first.

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I was given a small printed list of things to look out for. I wasn’t given that with the 1st one.

Need to contact GP surgery or NHS 111 if these last more than 4 days.

New severe headache, getting worse and doesn’t respond to pain relief
Difficulty with speech/visual disturbances
Drowsiness or seizures
New onset of unexplained pinprick bruising or bleeding

My second one went better than the first one.


I had no problems with either one.


Got both as well, no problems either. I sighed a big sigh of relief. I want COVID to be over. It doesn’t help to be more isolated than I already am. Sick of wearing masks as well. Hopefully this summer restrictions will start to be lifted. At least I did my part to keep my parents and grandparents safe.


Same here.



I haven’t gotten my vaccine shot yet.

I’ll do it only if its mandatory.

I heard it changes your DNA, dont know if thats true or not.

I got my first shot at the beginning of the week, got cold symptoms that lasted a couple days. Next dose is May 8th looking forward to getting it and being done.

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I’m booked in my second but it’s not till early July. Will be glad to get that one for sure.

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