Im feeling better now, i think the side effects from vaccine is going away

I dont feel as bad as before, my joints dont hurt as much, dont feel as sick. I just drank alot of liquids and i took a ibuprofen.


Well that’s some good news @oe1489
Glad you’re feeling better.

You’re not supposed to take ibuprofen with the vaccine. If you need another take aspirin instead.

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The authorities announced weeks ago that people will generally feel mild side effects after the first injection, and more side effects after the second. In pain? Take aspirin.

o shoot really okay thanks.

How did you get it? I’ve been trying for the past couple weeks. I heard my county health department had it and I spent 2 hours hitting redial trying to get through.

My doctor said I didn’t qualify yet only essential workers and elderly.

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idk my doctor office called me i just got lucky i guess.

Glad you feel better.
I worked at my sister’s dental office just answering phones and qualified for it through Kaiser. I get my second dose of Pfizer today. I can’t wait til the world gets vaccinated.

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cool you got pfizer, did you get any side affects, everythings is going to back to normal when everyone gets vaccinated its been crazy with this covid.

Yeah, I got lucky so far with no side affects from the 1st dose. I hear the side effects come with the 2nd. Lost my job to covid. But at least I made it alive to get the vaccine. Hope everyone stays safe.

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o great thats good you didnt get any side effect hopefully you dont get anything either on the second dose.

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@Wantsome480 here is a list of all the sites in NJ that have the vaccine. You can use the site to register to get the vaccine.

good that you feeling better again =)

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yea, im afraid of the second dose though, my parents got a fever. my dad vomitted. they were sick for a week. hope i dont get it that side effect.

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yea i’m hoping with you that you won’t feel sick of second dose.
When do you gotta get second shot?


My father will be getting the second dose next week.
I’m worried about the effects.

The first dose made him sick.

i get the second dose march 9.


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