2 types of patients; which patient are you?

which type of patients are you
for me i am thinking i am the first i feel good

  • doctor know whats good for me (do exactly what doc say)
  • i know whats best for me (do what i think in )

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I would say both opinions matter but if I discuss with the doctor and generally follow his directions until I run into more problems.

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My doctors and I work as a team. I provide the on the ground situation report, they provide the expert analysis, together we plan out the best course of action. I implement, they support.


I’m both. My doctor may know more, but I know me better. My doctor listens to what I want/think and works with that.


In every case where I did a self analysis, which was a total of 7 times, I was in the right, and the doctor was wrong.

7 times it took forever to get the doctors to see the truth. 7 times the doctors had laughed at my conclusions. 7 times the doctors finally admitted that I was right.

These cases spanned over about 26 years.


I know a lot about meds so I sometimes guide my doctors.
But after my psychotic break in 2016, I vowed to listen to my psychiatrist.

Idk how other people are with meds but I take 80 mg with Latuda. Few side effects like grogginess in the morning, anxiety, and nausea. Then I got on hydroxyzine which seemed to counteract that so recently I have very little to complain about to the doctor. I feel “all good” and not wanting to change nothing with meds.

Yeah it’s team work. I’m a good patient and listen to my psydoc. He also listens to me and has been supportive if I’ve wanted to change things with my medications. It really pays to be up with your treatment and having a good relationship with your doc!

When I suffered from hypoglycemia the doctor said that I was stuck with it and the best I could do was stick to having a six meal a day diet and there was nothing more that I could do. I took my own route and got rid of the hypoglycemia.

When I had a fungal infection, the doctor said that I was stuck with it. I took my own route and used ultraviolet light to kill the infection, and it has been gone now for over 15 years.

I did not see a dentist for 15 years and ended up with severely impacted wisdom teeth which lead to jaw pain, cheek pain, head aches, and ear aches. My GP said it was all in my head and that there was nothing wrong with me. I found a good dentist and he took x-rays, and he said " These are not severely impacted wisdom teeth. These are text book classics.", meaning they were as bad as the examples you see in medical books which show pictures of worst cases possible. I had to have them removed in a hospital due to their extreme severity.

Eight months later the same symptoms appeared. I assumed that the areas where the wisdom teeth used to be, were now infected. A doctor, as I was describing the symptoms, said stop I have heard enough. He said that I was a hypochondriac and that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was making it all up. I set an appointment with my oral surgeon who had removed my wisdom teeth. He immediately saw that there was white puss infections in all four places where the wisdom teeth used to be, and immediately gave me a shot of antibiotics on the spot.

When I was ten years old, I suffered a head injury. They put me in a car as I was unconscious and took me to the nearest hospital. The operation saved my life. But this hospital was mainly for the elderly, but they operated never the less. Ever since that time, every doctor that I have encountered who asked me “Have you had any previous surgeries and if so where was the operation performed.”, every one of them rolled their eyes and said that "They don’t do operations like that at Branson hospital. This has occurred 4 times.

One time I broke one of my toes. I went to the hospital but they seemed to not believe me when i said it was broken. They called it a “GREY” case rather than black and white. I could not believe that they could be so stupid. I was then examined by a doctor and he too did not seem to believe me even though I had rotated the toe such that the toe nail was now pointing downward rather than being on the top. Only the bloody x-rays convinced him that the bone was broken into two pieces.

And the list goes on and on and on…

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I will tell them what’s bothering me and we work on it together sometimes a doc will suggest something I’m just not super ready for or I know will be a bad fit for me and I’ll try to tweak it to something that fits better.

And some of the doctors I’ve been to have been way too “my way or the highway” I never listen to those anymore and avoid them at all costs.

But basically I’m actually pretty good with my current docs.

I may know about myself better. As in the history of my life and what I do and what’s in my head. But the doctor knows my illness more.

We tend to meet half way. It’s hard to vote on this matter.

I would say it’s somewhere in between. You have to listen but also know what you want at the same time. It’s teamwork

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I’m new to all this MI stuff so for now I’m letting my pdoc guide me with no resistance.

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This is how I am when it comes to physical evaluations.

One time I wasn’t feeling well and I had these symptoms and I went to my GP and told her what was up.

She then said what do you think it is?

I told her I am sure I have low vitamin D. She nodded and told me to get a blood test and sure enough, I was right.

I have this relationship with her where she asks me what do I think it is and I tell her what I think I need.

She lets me be independent.

I love reading medical texts and books for the fun of it so I am somewhat knowledgeable.

When it comes to my psychiatrist… it’s rocky.

I’ve been very forward and defiantly question her.

It’s my body and mind.

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i always try what she says even if i dont think itll do much for me. im still very nervous about suggesting any kind of medications even if i think they would help me, the one medication i really pushed for she was going to let me try but decided it would require going off too many of my medicines for it to be worth it. so instead of outright suggesting anything ill sort of like, lead her to it with my symptoms and stress certain symptoms that are bugging me

It very much has to be on a situation by situation base for me. In terms of medication I usually go with the flow. In terms of their overall approach to my illness I’m more sceptical.

I’m the boss and my doctor prescribes as I say.

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When it comes to medications, I make suggestions, but I also accept that the doctor does have an education in the field and I don’t.

I generally tend to be compliant, but not blind.


It’s mutual. I look things up , read about them and see what she thinks. She’s good about trying things and will see me more often if we make a change. I didn’t vote cause there wasn’t a both option.

it depends
if they are serious and listen to my problems seriously i’m compliant
but too often in serbia they just want to get rid of you as soon as possible
with such doctors i DEMAND therapy corrections

my current doctor is perfect as she understand completely all my symptoms
she even says that it is easy to examine me
and she most definitely won’t say something stupid like “all ssri cures anhedonia” or “concerta is maoi”
…just to dismiss me!

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