2 and a half days

I haven’t had a cigarette. I’m going bonkers. I wish we had places around here where you can buy just one cigarette at a time instead of a full pack. I just want one.


Don’t give in. You can do this!


Do you have any nicotine patch/gum/lozenge ?

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Try Niacinamide, 500 mg. It’s nicotinic acid, and it hits the same receptors that nicotine does, killing cravings, without the side effects that nicotine has.

Also, it’s not habit-forming.

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I have lozenges

Where do you get that

Are you using them ? Lozenges are the best NRT that I’ve tried.

Keep off the cigarettes if you can. The acute withdrawals will be over in a few days. That might seem a long way away now but it’s not.

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I wouldn’t waste your money on it. It’s niacin. Vitamin b3.

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Sparingly using them. I can’t afford anything extra these days.

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It’s not a waste of money.

Short little testimonial here:

“Niacin or vitamin B3 (it’s the same thing) completely soothed my cigarette cravings and I was able to stop. I actually got to a point where I craved the vitamins rather than cigarettes!”

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SuVGARar !!


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@naturallycured Have you ever actually smoked ? I did. I also quit taking meds and went on niacin because I fell for that hype.

Niacin did nothing for my cigarette cravings during that period and I was taking 1gram a pop.

The plural of anecdote isn’t evidence. I bet I could find an anecdote of somebody using carrots to quit smoking.

Edit : and here it is :joy:

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But there is some science to niacin helping with cravings. Niacin is nicotinic acid, which hits the same receptors as nicotine, but without the addictive properties.

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@FatMama you’re a half day there and your body should start getting rid of the last bits of nicotine.

You can do this.

Dont be scared to pig out on some food that you like, drink a lot of coffee, lose a little sleep.

The small amounts of indulgences you’re putting in now is much much worth it to rid yourself of nicotine.

I’m maybe at about 3 months nicotine free, maybe just a little less or so and I have no cravings whatsoever.

But I’ll spare you the benefits in hopes you get to experience them yourself.

You can do this, dont give up.



Well done @FatMama . It does get easier. 3 days is addiction chemically then it’s habits and behavior patterns. Try doing something else with your hands. Exercise always helps. Something positive to replace something negative is always good.

Very proud of your efforts so keep on trying.

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Stay strong @FatMama.
You can do this!

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