1998 when my grandma roamed the earth


My first year on my first anti psychotic while my classmates enjoyed their junior year had fun with friends I stayed at home all year that time and it was just playstation watching tv eating and watching el mentira with my grandmother.the whole novela from start to finish.

The last novela I think me and my grandmother watched together every night on univision was probably some novela in 2013.
and the year before we watched something Mar

I will always cherish those times together with my grandmother watching the entire show with her I know she enjoyed it and I know I made her last years on earth very special because I was a grandson that put my life on hold for her and was their every min even though the last month of her life I wasn’t there I was there when she took her last breathe on earth.

that being said it’s know been four years since she’s past. People may say I turned into a mysgonistic pig. but My grandmother truly knows whats in my heart

life isn’t easy and I’m finding out these past few years no one is like grandmother to me and no one ever will her mind was very different I still have that. in me

I don’t think my grandmother spirit love dedication will ever leave me but it’s sucks she’s gone.


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