12th day on Rexulti and couldn’t sleep at all last night


This morning I have anxiety and paranoia of getting a heart attack or that I’m developing dementia. I ate something, but right now I’m just laying in bed like a zombie, I don’t know what to do, zero motivation. I’m dreading the next night because I know I won’t be able to get sleep again. No one is answering at the clinic I go to because of the holiday today. I’m going to stop taking the Rexulti today. They started me on 0.5mg for the first 7 days and then 1mg afterwards.

Or maybe what I’m feeling is like teeth pain when one has braces? But I have this desire to be pure like when I’m on medication such as Rexulti I don’t workout as hard in fear that there will be some adverse effect. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that.


Interesting I’m on abilify and am not sleeping great either… I looked Rexulti up on Wikipedia and apparently it’s thought of as the successor to abilify, they both have anti depressant qualities, at the very least.

Do you take your Rexulti in the morning at least?

Edit: I’m around day 12 or so myself.


At night. Also last night before taking my 1mg Rexulti pill I was developing akathisia in my entire body. This was not the case before except for the first two days, but that was localized to just my legs, mild, and after I took the 0.5mg Rexulti pill.


Did your Pdoc tell you to take it at night?

Like you I may end up placing a call to mine to ask his opinion.


They said to take it at night.


I started taking my abilify in the morning and I’m getting an extra 1.5 hours a night. Maybe something to ask them about.

Other than this the only help I can give you is to tell you you’re not alone with sleep problems. Wish I had more that’s really it.


Interesting, I feel like I’ve had more trouble waking up since starting it like it’s been making me sleep more deeply or something. I hope this doesn’t pop up when I go to 1 mg.


I feel a little better now after getting lots of sunlight. Now I’m certain I have akathisia. This restleness is very annoying. Then there is the scary and depressing thought that this akathisia is the only thing I have going on in my life.

Rexulti has a 91 hour half-life… sigh. But this will pass. I think I’ve taken this medication before, but I thought the name for it started with a ‘C’ at the time I was prescribed this medication. I was actually taken to the emergency room by my parents in the morning the last time because I couldn’t sleep and I became paranoid when the sun started rising that I would die if I did not get sleep. At the emergency room they gave me some type of Xanax shot to relax me. Hopefully I’ve gotten over the hump today.