105 tomorrow...and only a couple degrees lower than that the next

It was 106 yesterday…just 100 today…tomorrow 105…air conditioning units can’t keep up on those high temp days…guess I’ll just stay hydrated…we will anyways.


I could not handle living where you are! That’s awful! It was cooler than usual here today. I like cooler weather so I’m happy about it.

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That’s brutal, man. It was 76 today here in Ohio as a high temp

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Happy birthday for tomorrow. Youve lived quite a long time. Whats your secret?

45F with a cold wind and drizzle right now. It will go down to 40F overnight.

The fire season has kicked up out here. Also i saw yellowknife got evacuated. Big fires

We have no branches in the Yukon so YT policies are generally handled out of NWT branches. A bunch of those have been evacuated and I’m one of very few employees left working who is licensed for the Yukon, so their workload shifted to me this week. I normally only do commercial insurance, but I’ve been having personal lines stuff thrown at me as well because there are no YT licensed personal lines brokers available either. I haven’t done much personal stuff before this, so there has been a steep learning curve. I am so very tired.

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Ah yikes thats a heavy workload.

Gotta be done, can’t leave customers in the lurch. Also comes with the “Senior” part of my job title on the business card.

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