It's snowing. First day

Calgary. I dread this time of year I just picture myself being stuck out in the cold trying to shovel snow at work in 30 below freezing my ass off. Work is gonna suck trying to operate a big snow thrower in the freezing cold. Any body living down south or somewhere tropical right now?


so sorry man…I live in Oklahoma and I am a wuss when it comes to winter storms…I am an admitted sissy when it comes to freezing snow and near teens in the temps. which I am sure you are sneering at much colder temps up there…feel for ya dude.


Well, I used to live in Florida, but I’ve been in Fairbanks, Alaska, for 12 years. I’m in the same situation as you, enjoying the beauty of the snow but really dreading the work to remove it. Last year we had a rainstorm in December that froze up and driving was treacherous cuz the snow removal equipment wasn’t really able to go thru ice. It was terrible!


I once had a friend from Calgary in college…he was my best friend until we lost touch over the years…miss him…funny guy. you canadians seem all funny humourously to me.


Minnesota here.

I get how you feel 100%.

Our dogs don’t like going out when it is freezing so they will pee right on the deck and come right back in.



Alaska when was your first day of snow up there. Or could it snow almost all year long?

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About 40 minutes to the east of you. We didn’t get as much as you did, but it’s still been a grey and cold day.

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Yeah I know your close to me velociraptor

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Close enough to smell those ankles…


What town are you in anyway?

Strathmore. Great services, but not crowded.

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yes, I love living in my small town…too.

What town are you in?

Oh yeah Oklahoma. Didn’t know it was small

I used to live in Calgary and Lethbridge. Nothing like waiting for a late bus in -30 cold wearing your Timmies bakers whites! I loved it though.

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Yeah, that used to be me in my chef’s whites. Wind goes right through them. I think every restaurant I worked on during my short career was somewhere on Macleod Trail South. LOL.

I’m basically on 17ave if you guys know calgary

It was 67 and sunny here today. Pretty nice. Sorry about the snow. I love snow but not shoveling.

I worked on 16th Ave right by SAIT. Lived in Scenic Acres in the NW and ended up across the street from McMahon Stadium, down the street from U of C. Lots of good transit options there compared to Scenic Acres.

Used to love going to Hitmen games.

I lived in a group home on 4 th street right near SAIT right before I moved here. I think I’m in the heart of Calgary. It seems like it.