10 Signs that you're an Empath

According to the 10 Signs of an Empath thread,

I am definitely NOT an empath.

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It’s OK, no one is.


Yeah it’d not a legit thing. People have varying degrees of empathy.


Yep. Just some people have a lot of empathy and some have none.


I have a touch of sociopathy, I am constantly having to mind my behaviour.


No…it is a real thing. Since the word has been bounced around I realize that someone I knew has a name for her life experience. It’s not just a matter of having more or less empathy.


There is no such thing as “An Empath” - its just people with poor social skills
and low self- esteem, that are trying to dress up their own insecuritys to sound better to the public.


I work in a salvation army shop and have had the chance to meet a lot of the people that worked with helping other back into employment via work programs in the shops. They are warm people who care about others, and I guess they can be found a lot of places in the world. One of the company mottos was, strong people don’t push others down, they help them up.

I consider myself a empath too. But ofcourse it depends on the definition of empath. Although I try to be kind, I am not naive.

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I believe there is. Just look at children, some are very sensitive others are not. I think there are differences in how we react to our surrounding.

But I might be wrong??


Me and my brothers gf rank high on the empathy scale while my brother displays very little empathy if any.


Nah sorry i dont buy it. To me its in the same realm as the “psychics” we have on the seafront in summer that will massage your ego and tell you what you want to hear for £20 quid.

Children are simply sensitive cos they havent learnt any life skills yet.


Perhaps you are right? I don’t know? I hope you are right.

Here’s an article about the subject though.

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I agree. It’s a mix of low social intelligence, making you not understand where your feelings and intuitions come from, and poor emotion regulation, causing you to overestimate the magnitude of your own emotions compared to others’ and finding them difficult to endure, with low self-esteem, prompting you to come up with a positive way of explaining your experiences.

In my experience, people who call themselves empaths are not very empathetic people. We don’t need magic to explain empathy and intuition either.


I don’t really get what an empath is.

According to Google it is the capacity to put your self in another’s shoes.

I mean though no one can do that hundred percent, I feel most people can sort of do this.

Unless you are 100 percent sociopath


It’s a new agey sort of concept about people who have magical powers of extremely heightened empathy. People use it as an excuse for all sorts of things, or as a way of making themselves seem like better and kinder people than others. And if you feel you need to do that, you most likely aren’t.


Yeah I am starting to believe that “empaths” don’t exist either.
It’s just more new age mumbo jumbo.

What I am is a highly sensitive person and I don’t see this as being a good thing.

Growing up I haven’t learned to take control of my emotions.

The end result is dealing with lots of anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Being highly sensitive is more of a curse than anything else.


From personal experience I feel I’m a kind person at heart but afraid of being hurt or used or something so instead I can seem cold or upstuck or something to some people sometimes.

I don’t think there is such thing as better people because they are doing more for others.

Because there’s a reason why everyone is the way they are. Seems unfair to call someone who for example has the energy to compliment more as a better person.


I agree. I was never able to date because I was too shy, too nervous etc. I suffer from panic attacks and that alone had turned me to a recluse and a nut job. I don’t have any social skills etc.

I do believe empathy exists but I am not one of them. I am highly sensitive though but that’s because of anxiety and not because I’m tuned in on others.

Or I even feel ‘unworthy’ to ‘help’ at often times lol

Bravo @anon9798425 and @Naarai
Your posts have definitely made me see the light.