10 Signs that you're an Empath

Here’s wiki on emotional intelligence.

I agree with this, but have gotten some flak here when I’ve tried to make my case.

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I believe that if you do good things or give the necessities to others that are in need, that makes you a good, moral person.

Thank you for this. I used to call myself an empath for this reason and because I bought into the new agey crap for a while. But my ex held onto that label a lot longer than I did and she was always misinterpreting my emotions and projecting onto me.


I think being a empath has several defintions, but a good one to me is that you stand up for others and not only for yourself. It’s just making small sacrifices like for example giving someone a few minutes of your time to listen to what they have to say.

Most artists are considered to be highly sensitive people, and in a way they are giving themselves to the world through their art or music or whatever it might be.

That doesen’t mean that they are better people than others, everyone should try to do the best with what they’ve got, but I’m sure everyone has something to offer others, like a experience, wisdom, piece of advice, make someone happy, tell a joke, giving up your seat to a elder on the bus. There are lots of ways to contribute.

My experiene with people who refer to themselves as empaths is that they tend to decide what they think others are feeling, based on their own feelings, and then blame it on some half psychic ability they think they have.


There is already a word for this and it is called being compassionate, which is not uncommon. Empath means something else entirely.

Calling yourself an empath is basically boasting about your superior abilities to feel for others, whether you understand the magical/new age implications of the word or not. I wouldn’t want to be the receiver of that kind of self-obsessed empathy.

There is no reason to try to set yourself apart from others in that way, especially not if you’re truly empathetic. We all have a lot of empathy, unless we’re psychopaths. It’s a big part of what makes us all human. And we don’t use this empathy to make ourselves seem superior. That’s hollow, or worse, manipulative. We use it to be able to be more compassionate and selfless.

I think empathy and compassion is almost the same thing. At least in my understanding of the world. They are kind of interconnected. You can’t be emphatic without being compassionate and vice versa.

There might be some sort of language misunderstanding here though. English is not my native tongue so I might not fully comprehend a refined meaning of english words.

Somebody who shows empathy would hardly boast about it. I never heard someone brag about being emphatic. I was just kind of digging in the defintion of the word and what it means to be empathic.

The discussion is that if empaths exist or if it’s new age mumbo jumbo?

I do think that empathy and compassion exists but I’m doubtful of the word empaths!

I was really empathetic when our local taco truck became a BBQ truck.


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I’m not sure. Some posted that empaths are just insecure people with low self esteem. I don’t agree with that though.

I wouldn’t know about the word in English. English has so many words to express the same thing. In my language it’s not so much. But I don’t think it is common to call or define people as empaths. It’s more down to earth like just calling someone nice or kind.

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