Empathy. Do you think it is a good thing to have and why

I think I’m a bit of a sociopath.

What’s the benefits of empathy?

And is it possible to develop that ability?


You don’t seem like a sociopath to me! You’re always so supportive on here (Then again I don’t know you in real life lol)


I think everyone has at least one trait of sociopathy in them. Empathy’s benefits are you can understand more thoroughly where the other person is coming from when they speak of something tragic that has befallen them. Example: Tom tells you he is sad because his dog died yesterday. You understand the pain because your dog died 5 years ago.


I don’t think I’m a complete sociopath but I think I’m not a complete empath either… It’s like a mixture that’s how I feel.

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I mean… just cause you’re not a total empath, doesn’t mean you’re sociopath either- I don’t think. I don’t feel empathetic sometimes when I should and I don’t think that makes me a sociopath

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Before meds I was too empathatic. I’d try and save everyone and everything but as the old story goes I couldn’t save myself.

It’s good to have some self involvement with sz. It’s a hard thing. It bloody well is to do and it requires a lot to maintain and try to be semi normal. So. I don’t think your too far off the mark…it’s cool to have things like pets that you look after…they will teach you empathy if your not a true sociopath…

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You’re right: wish I had a Guinea pig but I can’t be bothered to look after it. And when I move out I can imagine it will not be allowed in a shared accommodation :’( which is when I’d have the motivation to actually look after one

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in my opnion it depends on who you emphatic towards to.if you have someone to love,you can show them empathy.

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I think the word I really meant is compassion.

Psychopathy/sociopathy becomes a bad thing as soon as they see hurting someone for their own benefit as not a bad thing.

I’m not a pro but from your posts you don’t come across as a sociopath

I think it is good upto a point … .

I think i am a very emotional person and I tend to feel hurt very easily, if I felt as sensitive and hurt for other people like that I’d probably find it even more difficult to function

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It is possible to develop empathy, compassion and kindness. I developed it through loving kindness meditation. Look into it.

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I don’t think I have problems with it to be honest. I started watching a tv series today and I started tearing up a bit at a part where they find the concentration camps.

I lost my empathy due to sz but losing it doesn’t mean that you’re mean and a sociopath or a psychopath.

Schizophrenia doesn’t make you a bad person, just a baby, a very dependent human.

Schizophrenia gave me weird behavior and thoughts and it’s totally from the schizophrenia because that’s what my doctor said. I think schizophrenia and suffering so much was a nice plus in my life because it gave me so much empathy and compassion for others and slowed me down to notice the small things in life like family. If my parents didn’t have empathy I would be on the streets and might have not made it. If my dad didn’t have sympathy or compassion then I might be a lot worse off.

If the government did not have some compassion (or the people, really) for disabled and poor people, I might not have gotten social security.

The government does some ■■■■■■ up ■■■■, but really it’s the American people I have gratitude towards. Some more than others.

You are most likely not a sociopath. The illness itself along with the meds can make it difficult to have empathy.

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