Zyprexa vs geodon?

does anyone have any experience with these drugs? which has been more helpful for you? i’ve been on zyprexa for 8+ months but am thinking of going on geodon due to the sedative qualities and weight gain i’ve experienced from zyprexa. anyone have any thoughts?

When I was on Zyprexa I craved sugar and slept a lot. If I had stayed on it very long I probably would have gotten diabetes. I was always in a mild depression while on it. It did take care of my symptoms, though. I’ve been taking 80 X 2 Geodon and 400 X 2 Seroquel for over a decade, and I’ve been symptom free a long time. These drugs weaken me physically, and I hate that, but other than that the side effects haven’t been bad. I don’t think I really have any side effects.

thanks for the reply. i’ve had the same side effects on zyprexa,it’s awful. hopefully i’ll have the same luck as you on geodon.