YouTube To Curb Conspiracy Theory Video Recommendations

I mainly use YouTube to listen to music and watch music videos. It is pretty good for listening to music.

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I feel torn about this. I commiserate by watching these kinds of videos. But I’m not sure if maybe they’re not healthy. I personally think they don’t increase my delusions, but my SO doesn’t fully agree.

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Their algorithm is crap. I use Youtube for cat videos, music, and Russian dashcam videos. What do they recommend? Political crap. BLAH.

Edit: Forget to mention retro tech. Loves me my silver-faced audio components.

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Targeted individuals unite!

So your saying theres a conspiracy to silence conspiracy videos. Strange. But theres no problem selling you countless hours of products and services…

Good, not that it will stop me from having to listen to them in the next room in VA. This isn’t real, that’s covered up, these people are actors, so on and so forth. YouTube is a haven for people who broadcast stuff like that.

haha. I love that rubbish! I often watch a certain youtube channel for it’s silly content. It also covers a lot of stuff. I don’t take much seriously these days which is good. I wouldn’t watch such rubbish if paranoid.

It’s like bad reality tv. I just love to watch others make fools of themselves and I like a good story!

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