I'm thinking about making a YouTube channel

Any idea of what my channel should be about?

Whatever tickles your pickle. If you’re not passionate about what you’re talking about, your viewers won’t be.


Ok cool. Will you tune in?

I’ll watch! I love true crime, make up and informative videos :slight_smile:

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As your main delusion is that people are watching you on TV , is starting a youtube channel such a good idea :thinking: ?

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Not to be rude, but it’s unlikely unless your channel is about:

  1. Cooking.
  2. Archery.
  3. Photography.
  4. Dash cam car crashes.
  5. Street racing.
  6. Unusual vehicles.
  7. People playing video games badly.
  8. Retro tech.

Most people who start Youtube channels around here want to talk about schizophrenia. I don’t watch anything about other people’s schizophrenia. It’s bad enough that I’m living with my own, why would I also want to live with someone else’s?


Good luck. Over the past few years, I only had max 5 subs. I had max 40 something views on my videos in a few months. I believe the algorithms censored me. They are censoring conspiracy theoriests and schizophrenics imo. It’s fact.

I have a ton of super important things to say, which I said, but I looked like a tin foil, crack pot kinda of schizophrenic/conspiracy theorist. I just filmed on my phone and smoked and talked about my delusions. I think a lot of people are turned off by that crap. I rarely get negative comments. I always end up deleting my videos ASAP. I just cannot sleep at night and I get extremely paranoid and ■■■■. I viewed it as therapy and some sort of way to get my thoughts out. I really, really believe I had a ton of important and relevant things to say that were ahead of our times. My ■■■■ was so out there that even 99% of TIs, conspiracy theoriests, and schizophrenics ignored me and were turned off. I got the occassional troll or rude comment, but most people were cool. I think BigTech is too powerful and worthless.

They censor conservatives and Christian people. Yet, they let the Left say whatever they want.


I won’t talk about anything related to schizophrenia, maybe slightly, but I’m just going to vlog and go from there.

I believe so. If I’m a celebrity, might as well become one.

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It’s really funny I thought making my own You tube channel too about fashion. I would like to watch you.

If you want to make a youtube channel please consider the following.

Pick a subject area that you are passionate about and stick with it. Don’t jump between entirely different things that aren’t related. Your audience will stay with you if the content is consistent. But if the content keeps changing subject, the channel will appeal to no one.

Get yourself a half decent microphone. Doesn’t have to be super expensive but needs to be good enough to hear what you are saying clearly. It makes so much difference, I would argue its more important than video quality to a degree. There’s loads out there that are affordable these days.

Think about your branding in terms of name, and make some graphics for your channel.

Learn to edit. Cutting out filler or mistakes in post is absolutely necessary and learning how to do so smoothly and effectively is really important. I think most people don’t realise how long youtubers spend editing their work down into small nuggets of gold, rather than a long paper trail of thin information.

@anon52450205 Id watch it if it was about your accomplishments and problem solving skills geared towards sz. Like a motivational thing for sufferers. You could even do interviews ending with problem solving plans and followups. Like a therapy. I bet you could even get some professional attention from it like followers and contributors

I was day dreaming about making my own youtube channel

Maybe try animation/meme related

I have two youtube channels, one with 3.2k subs and the other with one sub. My content is all copied though lol.


I think being a YouTuber would be awesome.

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