Your least favorite super hero

Mine’s superman.

He’s just so dumb looking in that outfit, to clean cut, i love his powers and everything but the whole thing needs to change. It’s just so fake you know.

Worst super hero ever in my opinion.

What is your least favorite super hero and why?

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I agree…like even his dick is super powered right?

Makes having a bonk a truly explosive event…must get lonely being superman!


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I’m not a superman fan either. He’s just a normal guy on his planet.

The one I most identify with is Aquaman. He doesn’t do much, hangs in his ocean and no one bothers him. You see him around once in a while, but he’s mostly surfing.

The weirdest superhero I’ve ever encountered is by far Godzilla. How people could conceive of him being a hero… smashing things. Burning things. Step’n on people…

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I don’t know too much about Superheroes, but Im not a big fan of Superman either. I don’t know a lot about this Super hero, but he looks cool - the Silver Surfer

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I don’t like Batman. He doesn’t use his money to better anyone’s lives. He doesn’t start after school programs so that mothers can work instead of leaving their kids in a dangerous apartment… alone… while they work to put food on the table. No, he rides around in his fancy bat mobile and punches people who probably started their life of crime because they saw how desperate their situation was and how the gangsters in their neighborhood could at least support themselves. He just gets all self righteous and starts using batarangs on everyone.

classic batman.

Probably one of those football Players.

Catwoman. She sucks. :cat: :woman:

That just cracked me up so good, i actually laughed out loud at that, thanks for that really.

Nice pick, you never hear much about him.

There was one on a saturday morning cartoon i used to watch, on x-men, her name was jubilee, i think she shot fire works out of her hands, she was just so lame, how dare they subject us to that character.

You all that who we are not un. Human. And have powers god in tend of sants and profects. A grand knowledge rdon inter thought and direction. A wizard of modern marble.

Can I change my answer? Batman>football players.
Every kid knows he will never be batman but a lot of kids ruin their lives and their health and only like 1% make it into the NFL. And the NFL players set a bad example for everyone. People say a lot of kids who play football are successful in life. That was then. This is now. I definitly agree it was possible back then. A friend of my Dad’s was in some mediums sized football school (not big like Ohio but still there) as a football player and he’s now a court judge with a law degree and doing well for himself.
But those days are over. All these kids are talked into thinking they will make it even when they end up linebacking at a community college. It’s just sad.
And the ones who do make it? Mickal Vic (I refuse to spell his name right. He doesn’t deserve it). Dog fighting? Really? I think that should be at the same level as mass executions. Dogs trust people the same way little babies trust their mothers. I saw a video (it was trying to prove that cats don’t love people) but the way the dog and the baby acted when their Mom (human Mom) was gone was pretty much the same. The researchers commented on it too. We should take the people who do that and give them an assortment of small weapons (kitchen knives, billy clubs) and make THEM fight to the death and treat whoever survives like they treated those dogs and make them do it again and again and again till we run out of those people.

Don’t even ask me how I got here.

My least favorite is Wolverine. Biggest Mary Sue in the Marvel universe. Any tragedy happens, anyone dies, Wolverine is obviously hurt worst. Such a drama queen. Shoves himself into every storyline. How does he find time to be on all those teams? I hate Wolverine. He sucks all the air out of the room.

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I hate all superheroes. When I was young I loved them but as I grow old I dislike them more and more. Maybe it’s all the movies, I really hate superhero movies. Some of the comics aren’t so bad I guess.

good synopsis of wolverine… Hugh Jackman is pretty bad-ass though, gives wolves some some cred

Look at this costume and then tell me you don’t hate wolverine:

You can’t dress a guy named wolverine like that.


is this your response to my comment?

It’s just in general to all of the wolverine comments.

My every boyfriend was an illusion of Superman.

I guess…Cat Woman would be my favourite.
Halle Berry nailed that role.