Sz are brighter than super heros!


superman still wears his underpants over his trousers, so i think we can feel really good about our selves that we do not !
batman’s utility belt is yellow, everyone knows black and yellow don’t go together , unless your a bumble bee!
wonderwomans knickers always looked like high waisted giant granny panties, i swear she had a nappy under there !
we are all looking good !
take care

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Don’t even get me started on Aquaman.

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Remember Powdered Toast Man? He flew backwards.

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How about Underdog? It took me decades to realize the meaning of his name. I liked Mighty Mouse though. The tough little rodent.

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I almost forgot Super Chicken.

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You just made me laugh, and i mean i really laughed.

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Aquaman is the only one I can relate to. Doesn’t do much really, hangs in the ocean. No one really bothers him. He’s like the embarrassing brother to the family.

My sis was a fan of Danger Mouse but to her… she honestly thought that Pink Panther was a super hero. She would argue this for ever that he was a superhero.

I say why not. He was one smooth character. Very Bond.



Oh really? How did I miss the “Powdered Toast Man”?
Sounds like my hero.
I just bought a “toaster clock” -complete with popped up toast and “steam” that looks like it came out of an old diner cafe.
Looks real nifty in my kitchen.