Your least-favorite popular bands/artists

Kiss comes to mind and I don’t like what the Grateful Dead stood for - psychedelics.

I had a very bad trip on Mescaline

Scarred me for life


Never heard her stuff before.
But I don’t think I’d like her

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Yea, I hear what you’re saying @Wave.

Just wanton drug use all around, and shady “spiritual” leaders (Timothy Leary, et. al.), all under the guise of “Free Love” and “sticking it to the man.”

The 60’s might be my favorite decade in recent history, but there were a lot of red flags with the Greatful Dead movement during that time.

Their music’s alright I suppose, but that whole “Deadhead” schtick is off-putting and a bit eerie if you dive into some of the history surrounding the group.

Another group I really don’t care for whatsoever is Phish.

Really awful sound, scene, and the majority of their fan base is straight-up trustafarian grown children.

Shame really, as Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream is a pretty decent flavor.


Bieber, Ed sheeran, rhianna lol


Amen @Schztuna! :smile:

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Most post 2000 music is garbage

The conveyor belt of auto tuned vocal mediocrities (or even worse) whose looks are far better than the vocal talent they possess.


At first, I couldn’t think of any. But then I saw this and remembered that I really, really don’t like Michael Jackson. Never have.


simply red
phil collins


I cannot stand Radiohead. And I don´t understand how people can dislike M. Jackson!

Coldplay don’t do much for me but I did like their first two albums. I get why some people might find Muse and Radiohead to be whiney like a cat being castrated but I like that sound.

I agree. I’ve probably heard her songs a hundred times on the radio and they don’t stand out and I usually don’t know it’s her. Nothing groundbreaking or distinctive to me.

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I have a special hatred for U2, and not just because Bono preaches about giving our money to worthy causes while he hides his own in Irish tax shelters. Their music sucks massive, hairy booty. Always has. I can’t think of a single song they’ve put out that doesn’t trigger my gag reflex.

The final straw for me was when Apple force fed their spooge onto my iPhone4 and made it impossible to remove (they eventually relented and allowed people to remove it when the wave of fury washed over Cupertino). I bought an Android the very next day and I’ve never looked back.


I bought the single ‘New years day’ back in 1983. I listened to it several minutes ago and my first thought was 'Why the **** did I buy that?!..Bono is a grade A twat. The Edge’s cousin, Ciara Lawrence, is a great person with a learning disability who works for Mencap. We follow each other on Twitter.


Yeah I’ve never really liked Bono
He seems to be very arrogant.

I’ve seen them play live in concert and I was underwhelmed.

I remember when Apple force fed U2 onto my iPhone.

I wasn’t very happy about it also.