Your favorite methods reasoning yourself out of delusions or halucinations

I’m curious how do you ground yourself and if you have some personal favorite methods to reason yourself out of halucination or delusion episodes.

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When i have Truman,
nothing helps

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Epictetus’ definition of Reason is: knowing what is true, what is false, and suspending judgement when it is dubious. Keeping that in mind helps. Knowing that I both love and hate anger, gives me a better understanding of it. Epictetus also said our sanity depends on knowing our likes and dislikes. I had been doing things I hated because the crowd did it.


Looking for negative thinking. Predicting the future.

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For some reason I have no control over my mind thinking it can hear other peoples thoughts

It’s ■■■■■■■ annoying

But much of the time I can ignore it, unless my own mood is compromised or I am agitated with myself over something that happens

Then it seems to intensify

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I trust the people around me and if they say it’s impossible I buy that.

That’s why my sister is dangerous because she says all my psychotic experiences are true.

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