Your blood well right , you know you have the right to say

i’am blood poor, not that I didn’t build wealth for someone, but all was lost. and i’am blood poor, share i’d like to change that. but they< SSI SSD aloe’s you a job, not risky money, like how many have made it big in penny stocks, enough to get off them. or get a paten rights, share to make money for you. share i’d like some rich English relative to find me and pass some wealth on. but that how it go’s owe by the way a new app for meds diets is the Dr give s you a code you are aload to eat , and all you do is scan the bar code on the food item. made by Dr Zen no rights reserved.

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I’ve lived this one before.
You’ve done better than me, Iove the idea of a Dr.'s code to scan for acceptable foods to eat.
Great idea!