You think my psychiatrist lied to me?

In Feb I saw my psychiatrist. I asked him if any of my three psych meds will show up in a drug screen for a job, I take requip, abilify and doxepin. So he said I don’t know but if you want I can order a test and we can see. So I went and peed in the cup and of course it was all negative for drugs so I guess my drug tests aren’t why I’m not getting hired, but, you think he wanted to you know like really check? Just wondering this today as they looked me at the lab like I was crazy when I told them why I was getting tested. Matters not I guess, everyone knows I don’t do drugs. Drink one beer like twice a year maybe that’s it. Well, what do you think I’m curious?

I don’t think he lied to you. I don’t think he can have an affect on what the lab results report back.

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That’s good because stigma from my pdoc would be even worse than from society, thanks.

When they do drug tests they are testing for very specific chemicals that are related to common street drugs like marijuana, LSD, Cocaine, etc. They can’t test for every drug known to man - thats just way too expensive even if they did want to. So they screen for the common drugs that are illegal and that they don’t want people using frequently.

Here is a relevant discussion that outlines exactly what they test for: