You self medicate. Do Should I self medicate?

I’d say stay away from drugs that ■■■■ will ■■■■ you up. Beer on the other hand would be okay just don’t drink to much and i would stay away from spirits. But yeah a few ice cold beers on a summers night, there is nothing wrong with that :smile:

Problem with alcohol is when you have a drink you will want to have another one. Sooner or later you will get drunk and when you will sober up all you will think of is getting at least one drink again because it feels good, If you havent drink in a long time i say dont drink but if you will i won´t blame you.

my father self medicates with weed and beer. has done so for years. He refuses to take medication and has been getting increasingly paranoid the last few weeks. My mother has threatened to leave him if he doesn’t stop drinking and smoking, She won’t leave him despite all the threats. Because of the beer, cigs, and weed my father has a diseased liver and COPD.

You father has sz right?

sorry i forgot to mention that, yes he has schizoaffective disorder like i do.

Then he is lucky he can cope without meds.

He is saying that the only way for him to be cool was if he smoked and drank.

He felt he was not considered cool because he did not smoke or drink.

He felt like a misfit by his peers.

He is saying if you dont drink it was not considered cool by his peers.

He starts talking about feeling like a misfit by his peers at 6:40 ish

He says if he did not stop drinking he would have died and he made a good choice to stop.

Points taken. But that is his personal situation. If he says that, it is probably true for him. And it’s true for a lot of people, or at least a lot of people feel that way. But I don’t think he speaks for everybody, right?

So I don’t know how famous he is or how influential he is in his life, but he should probably not insinuate to young people (if that’s his audience or demographic) that doing drugs equals cool. There are millions of people who don’t imbibe and they have cool jobs, cool friends, and cool lives. All I’m saying is that you don’t need drugs to be cool, plain and simple.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that I thought I was cool by doing drugs. But I’ve had a few people tell me I’m cool since I got sober. My friend who knew me for six years thought I was pretty cool and he thanked me for helping him several times even though I don’t know what I did. And in a weird way my ex-brother-in-laws who knew me for more than 20 years treated me like I was half-way cool.

I could easily write my own long version of @SurprisedJ answer to you. It wasn’t cool begging for hits of crack from strangers on the street, or picking up diseased hookers, or cheating, lying, using people, or stealing a car.

I thought it was all cool at the time but I think it’s much cooler that since I got clean, I’ve gone to college, had nice cars, worked for years and lived independently. It beats sleeping in a creek on a freezing night, in just levis and a t-shirt while hoping the homeless guy I wanted to con out of some crack who was sacked out about 25 yards away would not decide to rob or kill me in my sleep. Bottom line, I would not encourage you to do drugs in any way, shape or form.

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Too much booze every weekend is not something I enjoy anymore. I’m 44. It makes me numb and is affecting my job for the first three days of the working week. I also say and do stupid things when drunk or hungover. I’ve said it before that I’m quitting but hopefully this time I mean it. Not had any for 5 days.

I think it was part of his delusion.

Did the poeple you did drugs with and drink with think it was cool. That is the message I got.

He was saying people that he drank with thought it was cool to drink and he found out it was killing him.

He is insinuating that poeple that drink think it is cool and poeple who use drugs think it is cool, but he felt rejected by his peers if he did not drink or use drugs.

His feeling of rejection could have been complicated due to his schizophrenia.

He is saying poeple who use drugs and drink will reject you if you dont and I think he is a little delusional but in a way this used to be called peer pressure.

I think poeple will except you even if you dont drink and use drugs and they do. But if you have addictions to what they are using it gets to be a challenging relationship.

Yes, it seems that almost everyone I’ve met that did drugs thought it was cool. And some people handle drugs better than others.

When I was in high school I was on the fringes of a group of stoners.
They never fully excepted me but they tolerated me. They mainly smoked pot and drank. But one of their regular group was an alcoholic and another was a coke addict. So you have a group of people who smoked pot and drank and had fun and with them were the people with serious problems.

Actually your whole above answer is typical. It’s not new news that people who do drugs think it’s cool, they think people who don’t do drugs aren’t cool but it seems that they only accept into their circle other people who do drugs. So your answer above is correct, and what that guy says is typical.

When I quit drugs and drinking… I lost a lot of friends…

That’s the part that makes getting sober and clean even harder… you’re suddenly out on your own.

You have to find new friends…
It was also heart breaking for me… I thought they were my friends… but I was cast aside pretty easily…

I have experimented with certain drugs like MDMA, mushrooms and LSD, and can tell you that these drugs can bring on an episode, which I believe LSD and mushrooms contributed to my last episode.

I have never tried cocaine, as I am aware this is one of the worst drugs for bringing about a psychosis.

Even weed will increase your chances of having an episode, especially if you smoke it regularly.

That being said, I have never had a problem with alcohol. Drinking in social settings, even to excess, has never been problematic for me. Just keep your drinking to every now and then, and you will be able to enjoy several drinks on occasion.

Keep in mind I emphasize the every now and then.