You self medicate. Do Should I self medicate?

Would I be better, get up in the morning and take care of all things.

If I started drinking could I take on life again.

Maybe a little weed when I am around it. Or even cocaine.

Or would I be even worse that I am now with another problem along with schizophrenia.

Am I missing out from drugs and alcohol. Is this the drugs I really need daily. Or whenever

What the â– â– â– â–  man?!

Coffee and MAYBE cigarettes and psychiatrist prescribed meds only!

Lotta people on here are recovered addicts and abusers


You’re not missing anything but a spinning head.

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Alot of poeple post here about thier alcohol drinking.

I feel like I am missing out.

And it seems to help them with some of thier schizophrenic symptoms.

It’s effective but is unhealthy and is a seriously dangerous method of coping. Even I do my best not to drink at all and when I do, the next morning when it excretes is shitty and makes my GERD flare up really badly.

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Yeah, I notice that their are a lot of active users on here.

Its not a good idea to self medicate - it sets you back.

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Everyone seems to think hard drugs and liquer are bad but beer is fine.

I still can get a hell of a buzz and drunk off beer, and get its effectiveness.

I see all the benifets of beer especially but have not heard of any harm from it. My Nieghbor drinks beer everyday, also which affects me. Untill I see a bad tragedy from alcohol I will be tempted alot by seeing my nieghbor everyday and hearing all the schizophrenics who drink it.

No booze of any sort no take a Benadryl

**NO! Don`t do it!

Yeah I’ve been getting stoned a lot. reason being: my mom is talking to herself all day non-stop and listening to her yell and talk constantly is like hearing a voice in my head. So I can either A. go to my bitchy friend who will smoke me up for free or B. go to my other friend who will roll a good joint. I have a coors light in the fridge, bout to pot that bitch. This is a good life.

For one thing, sometimes once you start drinking or doing drugs, it gets hard to control your intake.
So you start off with a few hits and a couple beers and it eventually escalates into more than you intend. And you have to take into consideration how the drugs will affect your symptoms. And statistics show that people with schizophrenia tend to abuse substances more than “normal” folk. So that puts you at risk.

And as for your plan that alcohol will help your life, I have my doubts. Doing drugs and drinking often become what you want to do mostly instead of doing something productive. In other words it’s easier to sit around doing drugs and drinking than to try to work or go to school.

By the way, if you get caught doing cocaine by law enforcement, it’s a felony. And coke is expensive and so is weed. I haven’t used drugs or drank since 1990, I don’t miss them and I don’t need them. I’ve done plenty of fun things sober. It’s your choice, I think you know already that it’s a bad idea. Just because lots of people here drink and do drugs doesn’t mean that you have to.


i wouldnt recommend that tbh, as u you know certain drugs can be addictive and drink as well, i think you should listen to your p/doc and do as you are told bc he is a professional, you need to tell him how you are feeling, like see what you just said here i think you should print it or memorise it and ask your p/doc or whatever care you have, you probably know deep down that drink and drugs is a bad thing but i’m not going to lecture you, talk to your doc and that, thats my recommendation, hope it works out and take care

I self medicate with alcohol, if you could call it that. With me, it’s more recreation. It’s probably very hard on my liver. It’s been five weeks since I drank, but I plan to drink tomorrow night.

I have had no alcohol for greater than 41 years. That’s why I’m alive!



This is an interview with Tom Harrell who has Schizophrenia.

at 8:37 ish minutes into the interview he says he chose to live instead of drink.

At around 7:00 he says he doesnt smoke or drink and if you dont you are not cool.

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I want to drink both because of my symptoms and because I like the feeling.

You are bieng a good role model, thank you.

I know I would suffer more than benefit from alcohol or drugs.


Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, I knew very well that crack, alcohol, heroin, and pot were no good for me. I knew it since I started. I knew it from the beginning. I knew it made me feel good, just like you say alcohol does for you. But I knew drugs were bad for my health, I knew they were causing me financial problems, I knew that the people who I had to do my drugs with and who I drank with were bad for me, and I knew that the places I had to go to get drugs were not good for me.

I knew these things as well as you know them. And I chose to do them anyway just like you might do. And I paid the price just like you might end up doing too. Just a word of warning.

Do I understand this right? He’s saying that if you don’t smoke or drink than you are not cool? Now that’s a bad message to put out there, and he is obviously wrong. I’ve met thousands of recovering alcoholics and addicts who are very cool people.

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What a strange thing…

when I was heavily drinking and using drugs… I was homeless… lost all my friends… was verbally abusive to everyone… dumpster diving for food… getting sicker and sicker… and got beaten up twice on the streets… no bathroom… no shower… people avoiding me at all cost… that’s how cool I was.


None of them ever made me feel particularly good, so I’ve never found it hard to set aside alcohol or pot or tobacco. I’ve never tried anything harder, preferring to stay well clear and live a more aware life.

On the occasions where I do take alcohol it’s most often on a meal out with friends, or rarely in the evenings when it’s particularly warm and I fancy a beer or a white wine to take the edge off. Altogether maybe once or twice in the month, the rest of the time I stay sober.

Agreed with the others, I don’t think it helps.