You know what i can't get over...?

…A 15 foot wall…


I don’t believe that.

With plenty of exercise and practice you could scale a wall that high in no time. You’d be like a super human feline!

Go for it! You can do it!

But what will you do on the other side?

I can think of several challenging walls to overcome. This wall could potentially become burdensome to get over. Call it the Halt Citizens From Representation wall. NSA director Rogers does not want citizens to have a “legal means of challenging laws” when it comes to citizens’ privacy.

“I believe to be successful, we ultimately have to provide the corporate partners that we would share information with some level of liability protection,” he said.

This week Burgess Everette wrote and article that informs of another wall: Republican wall crushes NSA bill. A reform bill that would have halted warrantless data collection without court orders.

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**That was good! :smile: **