I read the news today... oh boy

There is a guy in my SZ group who has the delusion that the government is spying on him and all of us. Usually I just breathe deep when someone starts this dialogue and I just keep telling myself… text book, text book, text book… Very real to him, scary for him, I understand but I won’t buy in. Just breathe and don’t panic about other people on the street.

But this guy has a huge stack of news paper articles about the NSA and it’s broad range out of control spying and the prez is trying to limit it’s power, and the patriot Act being used by the government trying to bully libraries for borrowing history and Google standing strong against government audits… this is in the news papers.

Just like my thing with kidnappers… doc’s had a hard time with that one because they couldn’t prove kidnappers don’t exist and human trafficking doesn’t happen. I had milk cartons and news articles and missing posters.

I read the news and I just think, this poor guy… and I. My doc is trying to tell me and others… the government isn’t out to spy on you… But then news article after news article… What a crazy time we live in. I just keep telling myself… well, if the government want’s to spy, they are going to get very bored with me quickly. I am not that interesting. :expressionless:


I know - right?! - when this whole thing with Snowden erupted I was like: Oh, no - ssssoooo many people are going to see it as a confirmation bias to their darkest suspicions. Edward Snowden, you have no idea what you did to my people!


Thats why we have to separate business and state. Thats why all our politicians are corrupt. Thats why you got people like Dick Cheney owning “government cleared” businesses, and profiting from them. There’s nobody watching them. And these guys get elected, lieing to the people, just to get access to insider information and legislation, corporate hacks.

Everybody was wondering about religion… about how the old catholic church was back, doing the holy inquisitions all over again, and acting tyrannical. And it wasn’t them this time. It was the corporations pretending to be them…

Bin laden had to stop it. He and all those other people over there saw it coming 10,000 miles away. More subversion for his people in the name of freedom. Every time a republican (and democrats too sometimes by the way) gets elected it means war under false pretenses.

We have to separate business and state, just like we did with the Church.

Washington State Bill Proposes Criminalizing Help to NSA, Turning Off Resources to Yakima Facility


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LOVE IT. thank you for this.

The Ben Franklin quote is finally in play…

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

Thank you again for this article.

I would imagine they would have figured me out by now…that I’m crazy and visit the pharmacy for tranquilizers pretty often…lol

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“he blew his mind out in a car, he didn’t realize that the lights had changed.”

I think john got that wrong, the lights didn’t change at all.

the thing about me and the government is that i know they were spying on me, they followed me home because they have been after my family for ages, its all to do with money i think, they were curb crawling me in the morning on the way to work trying to prove that i worked and claimed at the same time before i was un well and they caught me, luckily i was smart and i didnt have to pay much back because they had me come in for an interogation where they had evidence about my activities, that was the first time,

I’m kind of paranoid about the government too. ugh. :frowning:

The woman that i hear tell me the NSA is spying on me right now tracking my posts. It’s hard telling myself they have no reason to spy on me, i’m not a threat but the woman says all people with SZ and SZA are considered a threat to the government because we know the truth. It’s so frustrating arguing with a voice no one else hears and trying to rationalize in my mind that it’s not true.

Sometimes I feel like they are listening in on me through the speakers in my laptop when I sit alone talking to myself. If so, they probably just feel bad for me by now.

I also once thought that I was being spied upon through my company laptop. I disconnected the wireless network antenna, I disconnected the blue tooth antenna and pasted a stickeroover the camera so that they wont see me. I also kept local network cable unplugged and connect it only when I wanted to send an e-mail…man I was PARANOID! !!!

Lol, I know the feeling. I put a strip of electrical tape over the cam in my laptop. Other than that, I just assume everything I’m doing is monitored so I’m careful what I do on my computer (not that I’m actually doing anything bad).

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i have those same thoughts,

my sister said one thing that made me a bit unsure too this day, and made some logic in that grey mass of my.
so i try too use that when these thoughts come up.

think of the expenses, in an financial crisis. what does it cost too have a team of professionals
spying on you with ultra high tech equipment. working arround the clock. 24/7
that must cost in the hundred thousands

so either their organisation is so whealthy that money isnt an issue
or they are from the future/alien

all right - I also sometimes become worried with being spied on via laptop camera - what worries me most though is quality of the image ‘they’ are receiving - like - am I on television looking all distorted and weird in fisheye? because I do look better than that in real life - also - mornings are not my time…

i had an event that while i was on my laptop just browsing the internet, suddenly a program
from the computer started, and it was the webcam app feeding live.
luckily i had sealed off the webcam, i have everything sealed off in this house what can be defined
as an camera.

I went through a short-lived phase of ‘shielding’ - honestly - if not for budget limitations - I would have been a proud owner of a Faraday cage by now. not that psychosis is funny - but it kinda is

i personally dont see the humor in it, srry

are you working for them?

i was talking about my particular case - and am sorry too - also - I tend to think that everything is more or less funny

I don’t worry about the gov’t spying…they mainly are spying for terrorists and I’m no terrorist…so I’m cool with it…when I was delusional I thought the devil had me on national television and that was very unnerving…I covered all my electrical outlets in my room so that the “cameras” were blocked…all sorts of paranoia when I was sick…I’m not sick anymore, thus, not paranoid. even if there ARE newspaper articles…I don’t believe all the conspiracy theories either…