You cannot trust anyone

Exept maybe pdoc but also only on a certain level

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Oh, I can trust my two brothers to give me straight answers.

I trust you @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro, but I trust no normie. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have trust issues, my parents were fairly trusting themselves so they didn’t inculcate me with the tendency to be suspicious of people’s motives. I know about sociopathy / psychopathy though, and can gauge if a person is going to be trouble down the line or not, so my trust isn’t universal. Most people are trustworthy to me though.

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Everybody’s got something to hide cept for me and my monkey.


I trust and care about a few. I have no worries about them and don’t expect perfection either.

You can’t trust everyone but you certainly can trust some!


I come from a suspicious family. My parents would run and hide if someonbe came to the door. So I grew up being suspicious of everyone.

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I learned early that I couldn’t trust a doctor.

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