Who can you trust?

Everyone is for her/him self, can you trust anyone? :slight_smile:

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I can trust my parents a couple friends medical professionals


I just don’t trust anyone anymore

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Friends have screwed me, family too. And no less than them, the ‘miedical professionals.’

But each to their own Gratitude.

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Literally nobody. From bitter experience not paranoia.


Same Everhopehul…it’s sad when you can’t trust ‘medical professionals’ who are being paid good money to help you?

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It seems sad to me anyway…

I trust my daughter and my husband. And my mom.

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yeh you can’t even trust the people on here, i think?

everyone is me me me, it’s the nature of our society, and the nature of people.

It’s a different kind of trust here. I don’t share selfies etc, but I try to trust that the people on here are mentally ill and we are all here for support.

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everyone looking for a few what will it give them, a little pleasure maybe.. then what.. more need for etc

wow my post is censored, i guess i said terrible things…

Most of my family. Three friends.

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my dollar signs are censored :slight_smile:

meant to represent money

I need to breathe smoke brb

I trust my parents and my brother. Also a couple friends. They have stood by me through a lot and never gave up on me.


I’ve been lucky with the medical professionals I guess. Yes to eaches own.

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Well maybe, but doctors are such assholes.

They spend each and every day looking at sick people. And having their asses licked.

So, they come to the conclusion, that humanity is sick and pathetic, and they are superior.

Doctors suck.

They have their asses licked by patients and by nurses.

They see sick and dying people every day, they hate people, and feel superior.

I’f I’m wrong prove it Gratitude.

@frings Are You on meds or off them?