Dark beings..........!

so the dark beings are hanging around me at the moment, have done for the last four days…
they fill the house, are standing around the garden…and all the surrounding hills.
they are normally an omen for something to happen.
thought i would give you all a heads up…

dark sith walks back to his spaceship…and bows before his dark master…
" i have told them master "
" you have done well my apprentice ".

take care

We don’t need no stinking omens.

The bad never stops.

the omens would never cease in this place.

Just expect it from now on, no omens nessecary.


I remember spending a whole lot of time during my days when I was ill looking for and interpreting what I believed were omens.

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In my dream last night, which many would call a nightmare I defeated numerous demons. It had to do with church people and how many were filled with demons… I could see demons living inside them, and one particularly nasty demon that looked like a big bag intestine with churning feces in it and a large cyclops eye at chest level and other eyes where the head would be…almost like something out of the Necronomicon. that one came close to me and stared right at me, and I just went off…started singing a song and dancing around singing…“Slaughter demon, slaughter demon, in Jesus name. Slaughter demon, slaughter demon, yeah yeah yeah yeah!”
It was a very lucid dream and i seemed to have full authority over all the demons.

Anyways, you could do that in your garden if they are bothering you.

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hey, good on you for standing up to them in your dream, that is always a brave thing to do.
but the dark ones i should have explained are my kind so they don’t bother me…they just stand there silently,
it is quite peaceful…
but they always turn up when something is going to happen…earthquake, volcano…etc…something significant.
take care

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I am very sorry to hear that dark beings are standing around you warning something. It’s scary. I hope you give your brain some nutrition such as fish oil, lecithin and vitamin B complex, so when the psychosis attacks you you can still have some good sleep.

take care.


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One time I predicted an earthquake. At least, it seemed like it – I thought “earthquake!” out of the blue all of a sudden, and within 24 hours there was a pretty big one in L.A.

My sister claims to have predicted one too.

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Good to know I’m not the only house on the block that seems to have a cloud cover only on my house as soon as I’m the only one in here.
Don’t know what it signifies, except the creepy things are near and I’m getting nothing done-naturally.
I hear them getting excited as I write this, they are running closer.
Time to get out of here.

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Had a very similar thing happen in 1995 when I woke up with the words “earthquake - Japan” as the first thought to enter my mind. That evening it was on the news that the city of Kobe in japan had been hit by a huge earthquake.

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