Oooh just what I needed

I already have few enough teeth and now the few I have left are breaking to pieces. This really bites
(Haha the pun was intended). Call me toothless.


Sounds awful. Have you gone to your dentist? Are you going to get dentures?


I’m going to eventually get dentures. I just really can’t afford it now.


I remember the struggle you’ve had with your teeth over the past months. I’m sorry this is happening again. Hope you’re able to get your dentures sooner than later.


My tooth on the front just cracked. It looks so lovely lol. Now I really do look the old lady when I open my mouth. Time to call the dentist I suppose. Money in and more money out. :moneybag::dollar:

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Buy a parrot and put it on your shoulder with a peg leg and an eye patch!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do all dentures only come in white? Could you get like neon pink or something? Or glitter teeth? That might be pretty fun.


But in all seriousness, I hope you can get dentures quickly. Having broken teeth must be painful as well as inconvenient.


Honestly @FatMama, I don’t know how you’re still alive right now. I was chewing gum amd one of my fillings plopped out, and I still can’t chew on that side (my right side, in case you were wondering). I have to chew on the left. Let me tell you, I was eating a cool ranch dorito and I accidentally chewed it one (yes, one) single time, and I saw my life flash before my fu cking eyes. Damn that was painful. If my teeth were cracking up, I would literally die from the pain. Like, my body would go into shock and I would fu cking die. I hope you can get these teeth removed soon and I hope they’re not hurting you too terribly bad.


Ha! Some good suggestions!
Thankfully it doesn’t hurt much. I’m just hoping pulling the remainder of my teeth isn’t going to take all my savings.

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