Yet another beat my guy

I started making this late last night and almost deleted it because I thought it was going nowhere.

Then all of a sudden today I get real inspired and said fck it lets go crazy on the bass lol and now I think its one of my best yet! Check it out if youre cool :sunglasses:

And sidenote: the music community here is insane, and I mean that in the best possible way. Hell art in general on this forum blows my mind on the regular! Always draws me back into the forum


good that you didn’t throw it away.
it sounds good i think =)
you gonna do vocals on it too?

and i think same… a lot of good musicians on the forum here for sure…

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The bounce on this tho


I may, I was thinking like maybe some sort of Travis Scott type vibe, so may autotune and do a lot of mixing to make it sound cool and like his style

Just love trying things out

@Jonnybegood thanks man, all about that bounce!


I need a few weeks of from rapping :sweat_smile: otherwise I’d remix this

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Thatd be fire haha no worries tho take your time. Breaks can be really good for inspiration, you live more, experience more so theres more to share and contribute

Im gonna try doing this as a solo project just to practice rapping so next time you ask me to spit a verse I dont get self conscious lol

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