Yesterday's findings

I had an interesting day, yesterday. I thought I should share.

I woke up to this little guy crawling around my bed.

And we made friends.

He made his home in my skull.

Then later I found his Mother, and she seemed like a nice lady. She was a jumper, though.

When I went for my walk, I found a birds nest.

This was probably the highlight of my week, ha ha.


You are brave,…


What makes you say that?

Holding and playing with spiders. Scary!!!

I don’t like spiders. I am afraid to touch them with my bare hands so I catch them with an empty plastic container if they get in the house and put them back outside.


:open_mouth: spider infested bed, did you check yourself he might have had you for lunch while you slept!!! you could have super powers now!!!


Lol they’re just bugs, and they can’t hurt you. (Unless they’re poisonous, but the odds of that are slim to none, around here.)

I am Spiderwoman, now!


Well test it first before you jump off any tall buildings, start with something small like jumping off the bed

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Good thinking. :wink:


Im with @Moonbeam on this one…I won’t hurt them unless I see the telltale hour glass or I know its a brown recluse…too risky around the little one…even if I let it go outside…Id much rather pick up snakes…their easier to tell if its dangerous… Sounds like you enjoyed yourself though…

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Nope, I landed myself in hospital once jumping off a sofa.

Start smaller.


How did you do that?

Maybe I should practice shooting my webs, before I jump off anything…


Awww we wanted pics of you jumping off something

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They would probably be followed by pics of myself in a cast.


I call those wolf spiders here, I screech and spray them with bug spray.

Aww, poor spiders… :frowning:

They seem to like my tub, find them in there all the time, don’t think they can climb back up once their in there

I really like the bird’s nest. I think you’re really lucky to have found such a perfect nest.

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