Ive learned to live with the spider people

Im not scared anymore. I used to really freak out and try to kill them when i see them but now i just let them be or try to save them if they get in my living area. I can learn a lot about spiders. They are creepy and can jump but they only attack when they feel threatened or need food. They’re actually amazing creatures who seem just as confused and scared as we humans. They eat the bugs we dont like, like mosquitos and are good for our ecosystem. Like my Mom said “they are more scared of us then we are of them.” Im glad we have spiders. I kind of like the weirdness i feel when i encounter them. Coming in contact with a spider is like no other feeling u’ll have.

Are these hallucinations or real spiders?

I like spiders besides being freaked out by their looks. I just move them outside my house because everyone else in my house hates them.