Y'all are crazy

I’m sane…

Maybe thinking i’m sane is the most insane thing I can think.

Haha I walk out of my pdoc’s office thinking that all the time

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That two seconds of bliss where you feel sane. I can relate to that.

i had a weird thought today, basically i got better ‘cured’ but then i sued the govtment for millions for falsely diagnosing me, medicating me and i won but i had to pay it all back when i got unwell again, idk it was just a bit weird lol

you be not sane

what makes you so special

I’m crazy in my own right, cuz I have it coming from hard life.

The moment a crazy person says they are sane it’s considered a mental health crisis.

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its not me thats crazy its everyone else lol

Right. We’re the sane ones in an insane world.

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if only we could keep up lol

I think we are all cracked in the head. From the royalties to the politicians and folks, all cracked.:grinning:

I’m not crazy!!! I’m unique

I actually did have a piece of paper saying I was sane once. Think it has probably expired.

Yeah? Well, things change.

You mean I’m not Napoleon Bonaparte? I don’t know how I’ll break the news to my wife, my kids, France and my dog.

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