I think im so crazy that its not possible to be that crazy...so i am sane

Like if you are real genius…and you go over the threshhold you become crazy. Im vice versa…i have crossed the threshhold of being crazy so that i became sane.

I’d say that you’re proclaiming sanity for yourself is insane.

In order to maintain sanity best one should always come in from the angle that they might just be crazy.


I dont think thats how sanity works… plus you can be sane about some things and insane about others. I dont think ive ever met some one who was 100% insane… or 100% sane for that matter…


I think that whole genius and insanity being a fine line is a fallacy. And when I think of insanity I think of the guy rocking back n fourth broken by some horrible traumatic experience and tormented afterwards without ever having been given a therapeutic environment and skills to rebuild any mental stability. What never comes to mind is that media driven mad man with some evil plan or monologue delivering villain who’s cut short with “you’re insane dr bad guy”. it feels like to broad or a generalization to be diagnosable, insanity which is why it’s mostly a legal term I think. But seeing as it’s the premise to something you’re concerned with, or so I’m giving the benefit of doubt, you seem normal. You probably are, a little skepticism being healthy and all. Um I’m quite suspicious of this though. And the irony of this, your phrasing and all, it’s umm… well I don’t know I guess.

But you know keep up the good work right.

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no there are insane people who are much worse than you out there since you’re posting on this forum.

insanity is not measured in degrees. terms like “crazy” and “insane” are not quantitative, they attempts at describing abstract concepts which are poorly understood medically.

i don’t know what any of this has to do with genius, you’re probably watching too many drama movies with evil genius characters as the above poster has hinted at

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