very nice of this site to let me come back today,

but would just like to ask, if I stay, I don’t know if I will, hard to tell,
can admin or someone else tell me if I’m saying things out of line,

instead doing these frequent suspensions? I’m unsure what you expect
out of me, and I frankly, I don’t really care what you think, but this time I’ve
been hallucinating again, and could have used some help or opinions.

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I’m glad to see you return @Daze I wondered what happened to you? I got suspended about a month ago…happens to everyone I guess. just be careful sweetheart.

at least 1 warning before a suspension would be a good policy anyways xxxxxxxxx :slight_smile:

but what were you suspended for ? so i can avoid it myself


Yes i agree. A warning is good idea. We always have crazy days


I have a tendency to cuss real bad if not doing well. I appreciate the swear words are blanked out but the tone of my comments is clear.

Either way good to have you back @Daze

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Reminds me of when Bevkay was a moderator.

What do you mean?151515

whats up with the " 151515 "

To achieve 15 characters.

Just, I don’t know, stick around, are you being suspended? no. I agree they’re a little heavy handed on the thought control. What do you expect of a website called

Keep coming.

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My gut reply is huh/why but do you want to talk about 15 characters Ive not ever been suspended, but there was another moderator Bevkay that I last spoke to.

what happens if there are 18 characters

18 characters…no…no…very bad, very bad.

Nothing will happen, so you missed bevkay.

She has been lost in all this, and spent much time helping the forum out, She had limited powers considering now…

When the forum software was changed it was really difficult to get anything together.

Now I think she could help the forum more than ever…

I missed her also from your post.

I do not think it is a good idea. The message may disturb her life.

How long do you hallucinate for before you relise it?

I specifically asked you to dial it back in a PM. You didn’t. You got suspended. Here’s a sample of a deleted post:

In the words of the late and muchly missed Dan (Dugal) Webster, former moderator, “please be civil and supportive.”


(Wearing moderator pyjamas)

cc: @SzAdmin

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just recently, honey, music in the fans, in the microwave, in the vacuum cleaner, then music and voice so faint I could barely make it out, and glad for it, and then Body Odor smells in every where I went and sat. I had to ask my family if I smelled,

and they said no, I was worried all the time. It’s intermittent now, but mainly gone. thanks. I’m sure the ban was from mainly just one person,

but I like to keep an honest site.