Suspend me please

Hello Admin

I am spending way to much time on this site and its interfering with work. I have got big plans with work and because this site is so cool it is making me spend too much time on it. Work is extremely important

Im also so stable right now on my meds, life is doing me well

Please suspend me for 6 months, and see how i feel in 6 months time

May the good force be with all of you.



Dont go my man…just take a break …!!!

I need a good break dude. I want to focus on work and move on in a way :slight_smile:


@anon20318121 ,
Try a one month suspension first, and muster the courage not to lurk on here anonymously or create a new account. 6 months right off the bat sounds too extreme.


U are right andrey …!!!

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Good luck with your plans, I’ll be waiting for May 23. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys but I want to give this forum a good break, it’s addicting and currently I spend time on here when I shouldn’t be here…

This forum has helped me soooo much when I needed it thank hou

You are ALL great people, I hope you all find peace.

Admin you may block it


@anon20318121 I’m going to suspend you for one month and then you can let us know if you’d like the suspension length increased at that time.

If you want to come back before the one month is up, just create a new account and contact the Mods so we can-reinstate your @anon20318121 account.

Remember that if you need support, the forum is an excellent place for that so don’t hesitate to come back anytime.

Good luck with your work!