Xeplion sexual impotance had been past

Hi all ; ı m using xeplion 150 mg and i just want to update that my sexual impotance past away.i can erect at morning when i wake up.but i quit seroquel because it makes me very dumb and suicidal.i m using xanax and cedrina for sleep.i talked to my doctor and he said that my drugs will drop down by time.i m really happy because i earn back my sexual and intelligence power

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Are you from Europe?

Sorry Xeplion is Invega long lasting injection…Please tell more of your expirience.I was 6 months on Rispolept Consta,but would like what is difference between those two.

Yet another reason why I dont fool around with that stuff

"dont fool around with that stuff"
Sorry,can you explain what you mean about it.You don’t take meds?

Nope… No meds , and if it wasnt for my natural inclination .

Actually xeplion is the minimum side effect drugs at market.only side effects was insomnia and sexual impotance.but i m using sleeping pills for insomnia.my sexual impotance is past but i don t know if this ok for everyone.

Here in Serbia at this moment you can have rispolept or rispolept consta.Invega pills are not available,nor long lasting paliperidone injections.As I recall rispolept consta was very good for me,with few side effects,but couldn’t sleep,only 4 hours.Do you have this problem with xeplion.I’m looking forward to get on as soon it comes here.

Im one of those few people that drinks for "medical " reasons, but …

I sleep like a baby on xeplion. my only problem are the prolactin levels, I’m discussing it with my pdoc on the next appointment

Thanks for joining discussion,I would also like to hear about prolactine levels.To much prolactine can get you pituary tumor,so I read somewhere.

I’m not sure if that’s correct, what I read is that a pituitary tumor can raise prolactin levels, never read about causing a tumor.

Dont shovel pills down your throat Just because they are a Vailable to you … Just hang tight …man and WE will figure this out

don’t tell people not to take their medication, you’re not a doctor, I’m not even sure you have sz to be honest, a person with sz knows that others need their medication.

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Yes,just checked,you are right.It doesn’t cause pituary disfunction.

So You have to be sure befor I give advice?

So I have to run it by you first?

No. It’s called respect.

That’s the lesson btw.

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Yes xeplion also has insomnia effect but i m not sure that is it gonna be short or long time side effect.i m using sleeping pills and it not a big problem.beside of that it can be sexual dysfunction that s mean you will need a time for erection.for example when i masturbating it s i get erection but it take 2 or 3 min needs for erection.but that s all.there no other side effect like gain weight restlessness zombie like feeling etc.

Thanks for info…

İ have 34 prolactine level which normal range is 18.i ask to my doctor he said that prolactine level doesn t cause anything at man .it can cause only bigger boobs at woman which is good for them ı think