Wubu fa kao zhao fa

So how do i operate, when it comes to managing the demons, the demons all around us, the demons that some of us feel more plagued by than others? I call it wubu fa kaozhao fa. I concatenated it: “fa” is the term in chinese for “law”, and “wubu fa” is esoteric buddhist exorcism “law”, and “kaozhao fa” is the taoist rite of summoning and interrogating demons.

i used to read alot of buddhism, especially the zen buddhism. i read alot of zen “koans”, stories like this:

{when the first patriarch of buddhism in china was still in india, he decided to go to china. he walked all the way there. then he sat down and stared at a white wall. after 9 years sitting, he got up and put one sandal on his head and walked all the way back. and that’s the story of how zen came to china )and was called ch’an buddhism)}

{when the fourth patriarch of ch’an buddhism wanted to turn over the baton to the next guy, he summoned his four proteges. he asked each to explain zen. the first makes a nice philosophic statement. the next makes one even more to the point and eloquent. even more the third. the last guy gets up when its his turn, goes to the front of the room, picks up the water pitcher, turns it upside down spilling all the water allover the table, then sits back down. the leader says that last guy wins, and becomes the fifth patriarch of zen in china}

{several people came up to the patriarch and asked hime: death and disease are staring us in the face at every turn, what can we do? and the leader opened up a little pouch he had taken out of his pocket, and rolled out three silver balls; the balls rolled out across the table}
and, finally

{there was a monk sitting outside the villiage mediating all the time, and he was so magical everybody in town knew about him. flowers would rain down over him and the whole little area outside of town, and birds would hover and sing beautiful songs all around him as he mediated. one day the highest lama or whatever was passing through town, and after visiting the sick and healing them, the citizens all said he should go out to see their magical mediating monk. so the lama did pass by the mediating monk on the way out of town. and after that day, the monk still sat there and meditated, but there was no more bird song or flowers or butterflies or anything.}

So I liked these “koans”, and read them all. the zen buddhism bible is the “BlueCliffRecord”, with 50 of these koans, and the “Gateless Gate”, another 100 koans, and commentaries from diferent guys over the centuries. I read them and i thought about them, and then i figured, it’s human irrationalism. like the russian 19th century irrationalism movement. like the aztec religion (I am aztec, my mothers grandmother was an aztec sorceress and my mom spent alot of time being raised by her) and this stuff made it into european philosophy, though few realize it - it got in as Hegel’s 19th century German Idealism, which is an irrationalism that purports to trace itself back to Hermeticism, (Hermes Trismagestes) and the Jade tablet of secret knowledge that was said to be burried with cain after he slew able.

And it seems to me that culture, religion, or any “belief” is really just irrationalism. Common human technology. But then I started thinking there’s a little more to “belief”; any set of irrational ideas that work together as a system, like my wubu fa kaozhao fa, is a psychosis. but when i say it’s a belief, people disagree if they think i’m the only one in my “cult”; and then i heard a quote, that osama bin laden thinks “death is better that life with unbelievers among us”. (I disagree, I was taught by 19th century George W Hegel, who told me that a country or culture that is truly strong permits dissent and differing “beliefs”, and the word “catholic” means “universal” as in “inclusive”, but they do NOT believe in including demons, much less people who disagree with the pickiest of their rules. actually a very exclusivist type of community in my experience); anyway, “belief” seems to mean, in today’s culture, “SHARED belief”, because of the relaxation and comfort (eudaemonism) that results from being surrounded by like-mindedness.

it’s tough being a shaman in today’s culture - it IS tough, but not impossible. it is kind of a fight everywhere, and half the people are afraid of me, but still, I tell people I’m a shaman, I tell them any or all of this stuff. I once read that New YOrk City would be about the hardest place in the world to be a shaman, but also the place that could use it the most, and the place where a shaman could become more powerful than anywhere else.

In a newspaper obituary one day, someone was being remembered as a “free thinker”. maybe a free thinker doesn’t have “beliefs” or “knowing”. maybe he’s just free. My only problem, or risk, is that ideas that i float and get away with for twenty years start solidifying. I have to be careful. Once I went to a psychiatrist, with “ghost bugs” that I couldn’t see but was and am tortured by, and after thirteen years I decided to see a psychiatrist, and when I asked him at the end what he thought, he told me that IF i had come in and insisted that there were bugs under my skin, THAT is schizophrenia, but I walked in with 11 different theories on what was wrong with me, so he said therefore I’m schizpotypal. So I have to be careful to not choose one ridiculous psychosis and insist it’s true. By that definition, science itself is schizophrenia. They insist that if we can’t see it, or “prove” it “scientifically”, then it’s definitely not real. Even though we know there are animals that can sense things we can’t. That’s insane, and science can’t help lead mankind anywhere with an exclusivist attitude like that.

In my Wubu fa kaozhao fa, the material world, the “baryons” of the universe (the light and matter) is really just a snowflake at the center of a large cloud. so silly for these little girls from monotheistic households to fear the cloud around them that created them and which owns them and controls them, even sillier and downright offensive to say that the cloud that doesn’t exist and is the enemy, and like catholicism say that demons should be attacked, destroyed. so silly. good luck, snowflake, yeah, you can destroy the cloud out of which you’ve condensed. all meaning resides in you, the snowflake, and there is no need for you to align yourself with your cloud in any way. no interaction with the cloud is sensible for you to make, or you need a “priest” who’s certified on dealing with things like that.

Well the taoist outlook takes the spirit world into account. And it is not the enemy of the demons. Rather they are integrated into society. Briefly, WuBuFa KaoZhao Fa is a matter of setting off a special ritual space, summoning the demon through any one of several ritual methods, then interrogating who he is and why he is there and what he’s been up to, and who else is involved, then bathe the demon, wash the demon, feed the demon, clothe the demon in white, sit the demon down and explain the rules, the way it;'s gonna be from now on. and after hours or days of preaching to the demon, he is then installed as a militaristic protector, and with an army of demons collected from other suffering people and re deployed in this way, there is no way someone could plan an ambush of me, waiting in the surrounding mountains with a surface-to-surface missile, because I am protected by such a powerful and loyal army. The only problem with this kind of magic is keeping the ever expanding army under some kind of control, so that we don’t end up with situations like abu-ghraib; these things get out of control like rowdy soldiers, and it is technically my responsibility to keep them in line, even as they crash with foreign armies. I teach them the Statutes of Mystery Metropolis - an esoteric 12th century taoist ethics document for humans and demons.

I had dived pretty deeply into catholicism a few years back. I read the papal encyclicals and got all into it. fed my schizotypality with it for almost a year. but i can’t see going back. I think i had noticed that my sister and brother in law seemed to have some kind of magic that i didn’t and i wanted to know about their magic. So I moved in with them. Because these “beliefs” are all or nothing. They are imaginitive “systems” that work within their own “ritual space”, so I went all the way into the ritual space. Some people fear losing themselves, but I read a long long time ago in german existentialism that you can do “bracketing” of beliefs, setting aside whatever you believe completely, and taking on another set of beliefs completely, in order to be able to judge the new set of beliefs. Otherwise, if you go at it like people who are afraid of “losing themselves”, you look at a new belief system through the glasses and shading of your own tightly held beliefs, and then you get nothing out of the experience, nothing makes sense, you learn nothing valuable. But by practicing “bracketing”, you can truly learn and test belief systems, test for how they fit into your own intuition.

This is an important task, not just for any one person but for all of humanity, who you and your kids are now about to lead. We practice “bracketing”, or “not-knowing”, because we are looking for leadership, “Way”, human imagination, intuitive resolution, and in the case of people like me, we’re looking for something pretty high-end to deal with the very high mental energy level we will be applying to any prospective set of ideas. we’re looking for ideas that will quell the confusion, provide a relaxing clarity of vision, as well as a way to manipulate the demons all aound us, whose attention we have so skillfully attrracted already.

i say that thought and the immune system are the same thing. generated by the same effort, the same “gland” in the brain, part of the same electrical storm. (another little “psychosis” of mine, a theory I’ve been running past people for a few years, but nobody likes it.) And i remember saying years ago, that i noticed society raises kids and treats adults as if the act of thinking is something that is good no matter how much or how hard, like it is something free, like it doesn’t cost you anything; but i believe it does cost, it costs alot. And as a kid my parents certainly fit into that category, of thinking that as long as the kid is reading, it’s a good thing, as long as he is in a high percentile, it’;s a good thing. and a practical way to test this theory is to survey asthma sufferers, about their learning and reading and thinking tendencies; this will prove to be the link that they can’t find between why some people get asthma and not others. they are thinking too hard. And when i saw the chart of the spike in asthma over the last two decades, i think we can use that chart to chart what’s happening to the human mind in the current evolutionary environment. The articles always point out how the children today multitask far more than previous generations; they are expected to keep track of social and environmental and technical issues with far more energy than in previous generations. And the mental storm we are all being expected to generate, can carry over into our reaction to the physical antigens around us. shine a brighter light to see across the universe, but crash right into the microscopic world all around you.

This is not the first scientific “mystery” that this theory solves. There was also a case of a clinical trial on humans that was shut down because the humans were dying in a severe allergic reaction; this hadn’t been expected, because the drug trial in monkeys didn’t cause anything like that. That may be when i began forming the psychosis/theory, thinking that the big evolutionary difference then is an overactive immune system in humans, which is the force behind the more obvious mental evolution.

i think i had a few other stories, but i can’t remember anymnore. but i have been keeping this theory prominently in mind for the last few months, and it makes intuitive sense to me. I am extraordinarily allergic. i always thought it was a storm carrying over from another part of the brain; because i always knew that the antihistamines make me drowsy, shut down the thinking, while cutting down the allergy, and that if i manually restore the thinking by reading, i reverse the antihistamine and get allergic again; plus i know i can’t read computer books after 8 or 9 pm, or i get really bad ghost bugs, which again is allergy/overactive immune system.

And if you try to concentrate on something, to really “think” something through, it is like the immune system encompassing an invader. we want to “look at it from all angles”, we want to " penetrate" it, “wrap our minds around it”, like an immune system around an allergen.

It is as if you have a stronger than average immune system when you are the shaman type, and it has been attacking the pre-created cultures/psychoses/religions of others. And so ultimately shamanism is the giving up of the idea of having a “leader”, or a “god”, who “takes care of you” or “teaches you”. A shaman has to get out in front, and BE the god, and it is the mental energy level of thought/ super strong immune system that makes it our job. The immune system of our perspicacity overwhelms every other leader, so we have to take over. There’s no one else. So I’ve become the god of my own religion. It’s after 25 years of “questing” through the pre-created religions, alot of taoism/buddhism and chinese poetry, as well as twenty years of studying with shamans, that I’ve gotten like this.

the rules of the universe i have to teach the demons, in my demon training school, with the poster of the ten rules for the demons on the wall all week for the whole 5 days no matter which class I’m teaching. (I’m a certified psychopomp, that’s a specialty class, but the basic wubu fa kao zhao fa is a five day class i run for demons, it gets advertised on tv in the demon world, where i am a supreme court justice and a tele evangelist, and sometimes a host of a television show called testing for justice, which takes place in the human world around my character here, and plays on tv for an audience in the demon world who get to win the prize of taking advantage of anyone they feel has taken advantage of me, after i opened myslef up to the opportunity to be taken advantage of, oh the dangers of being a contestant on testing for justice, with your host, supreme court justice, nepomuk onderdonk, the wonderdonkey!

So , what is the rule of the day at demon training school? love? hah, not that simple, especially for demons. they need to be taught rules, taught not to do things that they will naturally come up with doing. that’s all - i teach tethem the statutes of mystery metropolis, esoteric taoist cult came up with tem rules for demons, they have three hundred commandments where my native religion had ten, it was way better for practicing magic and becomming magical. you know, kids who work with demons need to read the i ching, learn there are two sides to a coin, and power moves. anyway, they used these ten rules for demons when they are captured and installed as protectors of the community. this i would like to memorize, compared it to my friend who said there are three rules for demons in the hogwarts thing, that popular wizard fiction thing - harry potter, he had three rules, they all made sense, and so i wanted to tell the ten rules, and I couldn’t list them, so here they are, not from memory unfortunately, yet:

  1. Do not leave and enter at odd hours, collide with the living, wantonly go among people continuously create havoc, cause people to have strange dreams and imaginings, or upset the multitude of harmonies, only pray that all spirits of darkness be easy at heart and receive salvation

  2. do not join alien demons and outside ghosts in exhorting food and drink, throwing sand or casting stones, thereby creating terror among the living.

  3. do not wrongly bring pestilence and epidemic into the world, infecting good citizens and causing people to be sick and ill, and becomming a worry for their friends and relatives

  4. do not restrain or obstruct landholders, hindering their sowing and planting, or forcefully occupy in their forests, trees, flowers, and fruits, hiding and concealingyourself to avoid the rightful rent to be paid to heaven

  5. do not wrongly create commotion in the four directions, set fire and burn down people’s homes and lodges, damage and diminish their wealth and property, or otherwise destroy a family’s estate

  6. do not seek out blood-based food, creating deep sins and obstructions, and causing retribution and transmigration without interruption

  7. do not compel any devious elements, crows or magpies, foxes, curs, dogs, or rodents, to haunt and terrify the living

  8. do not harm people’s domestic animals, thereby leading them to recompensein later incarnations and forever falling into the realms of darkness

  9. do not cause carriage animals or horses to rn loose, or in other ways obstruct and hinder travelers among the living, thereby provoking disaster or injury, only to meet your own selfish demands

10 do not stir up misfortune for people or crate emotional charges for them, causing sickness among humans and pursuing their spirit souls, so they deviate from the multitude of harmonies. only pray that all spirits of darkness be easy at heart and receive salvation.

so i don’t know what you are using to deal with demons, if that is something you face, but after alot of research and thinking about it, and being so involved with the demon world all my life, I came up with wu bu fa kao zhao fa, and i find it highly effective; the demons are my food, i find them to be a very high energy superfood, sets my mind rocketing through the wonder spheres and has my body tight as a drum while holding up the sun and the moon, and the demons end up very happy when i tuck them away in their final home for eternity, because hey, evil, calmed down, is pure beauty.



Actually, “catholic” literally means something like “prophet of the serpent”.

Imagine that, with the pretty robes and hats and gold i would have thought they were heavenly.

I mean c’mon, satan was an angel? wtf, c’mon!

And you are wrong onder, they most certainly allow demons, where did you hear that they didn’t?

I think you’re on to something. A quick search turned this up: Educational and social characteristics of children with asthma

It shows a coorelation between asthma and high IQ. My dad, whose favorite activity is thinking and reading, has severe asthma. I did growing up, and still struggle with multiple allergies. My kids both have allergies.

Mindfulness Mediation May Relieve Chronic Inflammation

I think that inflammation is likely behind much mental suffering. I once read that in cases of multiple personalities, some personalities will have allergies, and some won’t. It’s all interesting to think about, which causes more allergies, I suppose… :wink:

I learned to read when I was three, due to very educated parents and a hearing problem that required speech therapy. You’re so right about it costing a lot. My parents were very proud that I had “read the entire library” by the time I was in sixth grade, but the ideas contained in that library were beyond what my mind was developmentally prepared to handle, I’m sure. I began to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I have been angry at religion since I can remember, although I unfortunately threw the baby out with the bathwater for a while. I’m now thinking it all may be pretty simple. I see the same thing in the Tao, Jesus, Buddha, Jainism, etc…

I don’t like to focus on the demons. I feel the focus and attention gives them more power, and I don’t want them to feel empowered or to feed off my energy. They seem quite hungry. Both of my sons think that is mean, and have more compassion.

“Bracketing” – interesting. I think I do this, albeit with a string tied securely to the old beliefs so that I can return when I wish.

That last koan – what does it mean to you?

that last koan - one of my favorite i recited it to a stranger who came up to me in chinatown recently, i had just walked out of a small store paying about 40 bucks for a taoist incense burner, very magical device no idea how they make these things, and i must have had some kind of happy look, this chinese kid walks up to me with a photography camera and asks me why i look so happy. I explain for five minutes about the taoist incense burner, he says “just like buddhism” and i say no, i tell the koan the last one there, and then tell him the answer to all the koans is one thing: irrationality. And the zen or chan buddhism is the foothills of human irrationality. not the monotheists, honestly i think those things are evil, i’ve seen the little black book they carry, the stories are about hatred, exclusivity, violence, and attachment. I can’t believe people take that as their guide. I know that’s what they recommend around here. I don’;t get it how that book wins any kind of social justice leadership awards, any of that “i met a god and he’s the most powerful and only god and he told me to kill you!”; got a chinese dictionary recently, read through it’s list of all the countries on who had what religion. Not one country on the planet listed daoism. in high school they told me it was one of the seven world religions, lao tzu and the tao te ching, no war, very different vision for mankind, they sit in their villiage feeding their bellies, don’t really talk or think much, never wander to the other side of the river, only the chickens squawk at eachother across the water. no technology, no work week and taxes, no military power, just farmers in the villiage. no conquering. so i guess they don’t own any countries. we have a temple in sf chinatown though. i go to the 4 floor walkup all the time and do crazy little rituals, they let me do stuff there.

so the last koan, you know it freaks everybody out, why did the birds and the butterflies go away, well you could say cause he got past all that, but really the purpose of a koan is to not be able to understand and not be able to answer, that’s how it breaks the mind’s rational barriers.

demons, i think they are the couch that the material world sits in, the cloud out of which we condense, and though we 'd like to believe this is all ours for the taking and we invented the universe ourselves for ourselves, there are others, and they are part of the one single existence that we all really are.

but i was like your kids, full of hubris that i could handle calling powerful demons into myself, train load of demons steady as she goes, straight for heaven.

learned how to manage it better from the tapirs in the zoos of america, start with the doley zoo in omaha, center of the country, largest indoor jungle in the world, and the animals there are very happy and world leaders.

local tapirs in san francisco and new york are great too.

stay away from the one in the LA zoo, big old mean one, only one like that i ever met.
all tapirs respond to magic, most respond favorably.
Introduce your sons to tapirs in person, guaranteed they will know instantly that is no ordinary creature.

demons are hungry, and it’d be nice to believe everything here is secured for just us and we can just relax and not even think about sharing and taking care of the world around us, but maybe that isn’t the truth or the way of heaven, maybe its not the way to live in harmony with the universe which isn’t that just a nother instance of ourself? being stingy with light and energy even for demons may not be the best path.

but what i didn’;t realize at that age is neither is it appropriate to give away the store and make light of yourl life and loose it too early.

so much to learn from that point to out here in the heaven i’ve acheived. but a journey of that many million miles really does begin with one step, it really does happen,

hey people don’;t accept my allergy and imagination theory, you are too good to me, spoiling me, that theory doesn’t go over that well. I like it though. thanks for the reinforcement.