Writing to IQ estimator


It needs some work done on it ! :rofl:


“The algorithm cleans up the inputted text and then attempts to analyze the quality of the vocabulary used. It then maps that information to an IQ value, using a custom made function that was designed to fit data of texts and the IQs of the authors behind them.”

Types lyrics to I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles

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120 - 160 This is way too conflated. He seems to know a lot of big words, but he’s not that good a writer. Actually, I think it is impossible to give an accurate estimate. His verbal IQ is undoubtedly high, but he might suck at math. I think the whole concept of IQ is over rated anyways.

What the heck does “prevaricate” mean anyway?
Can I prevaricate a meal ? My dog ? My phd thesis ?

Disclaimer. I an not a phd student and I don’t own a dog. I love dogs btw. I am a dog lover.

Dunno why I wrote the above. But can you really hope to estimate my iq based on such a small sample?

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The first example was me messing around i.e just putting in a load of junk.

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Not messing around.

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The IQ estimate is inaccurate because a human needs to assess and evaluate the text to make sure it really is that IQ. Computers only know what we tell them.

120 -150

This represents imagination more than intelligence. Albert Einstein thought imagination was more important than intelligence. I think that imagination is a very valuable form of intelligence. The person that wrote this definitely has a great verbal IQ, but that doesn’t say anything about mathematical ability. If overall IQ is an average of both types of intelligence, then it is possible this person’s IQ isn’t that high, or at least not as high as a person might think on first encounters.

@crimby Are you talking about me ? No problem if you are . I just wasn’t sure .

I think it doesn’t work as a measure of intelligence. Because people with high social intelligence know that using complex words doesn’t always help when it comes to communicating your idea to the greatest number of people. As you have proven, you can just add in complex words and use them correctly to get a high score. The opposite it also true. It said CNN reporters measured at around 102-120, but they are contractually obligated to only write at a fifth grade reading level.

But as a side note, I want “the inner osmosis of interplanetary laxatives” tattooed on my arm.

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@ninjastar I agree totally . The 173 IQ one I did was just total gibberish. The estimator failed to pick that up.

@crimby Verbal tests I’ve done by Dr Greg Grove who was psychometrician of the triple nine society give me an avg verbal IQ of 149 (99.9456 percentile)

I’ve joined several high IQ societies with my verbal scores , and I am listed in the World genius directory .

I passed O level maths which was taken by the top 20% of students . That makes my mathematical IQ at least 113, which is high average.

The average of non-verbal/spatial tests that I’ve done, that were created by psychometricians, is 75 . That falls within this category.

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