Wow, neighbors being super mean and obnoxious

They’re just ignorant lowlifes but that doesn’t help me.

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What are they doing?

Laughing and mocking me. I think the woman is a man-hater and the man (?) is just stupid and poor.

Even if they are @77nick77 , why do you care what they think? It’s not like they are friends of yours or people that are important to you.


Yeah, that’s one way of looking at it.

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The people above us slam objects really hard on their floor. It makes me and Bella jump. Just the usual following and listening. They stand over me in the bathroom. So idk they like piss and ■■■■.

I try my best to ignore them. I hope they leave you alone soon.

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Yes! Just ignore them, and if they step out of line call the police.

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