Wow, I am stunned, happy, and pleased tonight

My girlfriend and I just watched the movie Maleficent. Holy cow was that an awesome movie. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in recent memory, it had absolutely zero flaws, and ended exactly as I would have written it. It could now be my favorite movie.

I don’t even generally like Disney movies. I loathe the live action movies they put out and the cartoons, especially the musicals, really annoy me. It was also rated PG. I find myself usually looking down on PG movies, but no more.

I feel drained, stunned, and very happy and pleased that I got to see this movie. I, being the softie that I am these days, was filled with emotion watching it. I was really moved. If you haven’t seen it then run, yes run, to get a copy see it in the theaters. You won’t regret it.

If this doesn’t win a load of Oscars then the whole system is worthless and beyond redemption.


wow, that’s great you watched a movie you really like. I tell myself I should get netflix but I think I wouldn’t watch the movies I rent and just waste my money, but there is so much I want to see that maybe even though I own a lot of movies, I don’t ever watch them because I’ve seen them all…there is so much out there. malificent, frozen, The Hobbit sequels, Game of Thrones, I really think this might make me get netflix. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing with us your excitement and good experience in watching films. I like watching good movies. Once I found a good movie i would watch it over and over again, savoring it’s interesting dialogue and the dramatic plots. As a woman I like romantic and family themed films.

Personally I am not a big fan of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt - but they are both decent at acting.
I may watch the movie though, as I kind of do like fantasy films when they are professionally done - good to know that you liked the movie

lol @ your exuberance. It must be very good. I haven’t seen it yet. It isn’t out on Netflix yet.

Neither my husband nor I liked Maleficent very much. Even for a fantasy film the story didn’t seem very believable – love turned into hate way too fast. Plus, it seemed like JoIie could’ve done a better job of acting – it seemed like she was more concerned about how she looked rather than about how she was performing. (Unlike her performance in Girl, Interrupted, which I loved.) The special effects were pretty good though.

I love Netflix, they have both DVD and streaming services here in America. I usually watch older TV shows on the stream services (right now I’m watching Charmed) and rent DVD’s. But I do watch movies via stream. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of new releases available for stream. If you’re worried about wasting money maybe try the one disk at a time rate, it’s only like 7.99 for standard DVD, and only 8.99 for Blu-ray. We don’t have a Blu-ray device so we only use the standard set, since I share my account with my parents we rent 4 at a time, for $21.99 + the stream which can be bought without the DVD plan if you don’t think you’ll rent the movies.

I’m not a worker for Netflix, just a very happy customer, we’ve used them for several years now…best thing is you can keep the movie as long as you want (and your account is active --i.e. bills are paid) no due dates which is nice. I have gotten a few bad disks in the past, but you just go online and there’s a link to report a problem and have never been charged for the problems or the time the mail lost a DVD.

Bah, I wrote a lot about the reasons why I disagree but the spoiler thing isn’t working for some reason, maybe it’s just a Chrome thing. I won’t spoil the movie but I disagree.

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I loved the movie too!!

We just watched it too and my hubby was surprised he liked it. I wasn’t :smile: I agree it’s a great movie.

Is there any blood? Because if there is… please warn me?

I don’t recall any gore, blood. I’m trying to think if there is anything about the movie that you may find triggering and I can’t think of anything other then maybe don’t watch it in 3D if you have problems watching 3D movies due to visual hallucinations.

I’ve never been in a 3-D theater… I had a very bad episode in a movie theater once and I just haven’t gotten the cojones to go back into one. (plays or ballet’s… yeah… I’m good. Movies? Not there yet)

Another thing that throws me off with this new genera of redoing fairy tales… they love to kidnap children… or kidnap the princess… or kidnap the poor friend of the character… I know it’s not a big deal to others… it’s just a silly little story… but that will also do me in.

3D movies can make anyone jump in there seats which is why I wanted to put that out there. Sometimes it looks like things are coming straight at you.

No kidnapping in the movie.

Movies come on on DVD pretty quick now. I think 3 months. So maybe wait for the DVD :smile:

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:laughing: There are some days I have that problem just waking down the street… no movie effects involved. I take the bus on those days… not good for driving.

I’d end up screaming in the theater I know it. Thank you for the heads up… I’ll wait for the DVD.

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What do you expect from a prima donna