What movies did you see (recently)?

what movies did you see (recently) and how were they or rate in up to 4 stars?

I saw: X-Men: Apocalypse–3 stars; The Boy (horror about a haunted doll)–2 stars; Factory Girl (about Edie Sedgewick and Andy Warhol)–3 stars.

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I saw split not too long ago

I saw “hello my name is doris” it stars sally field she is excellent in that movie. its about an older women in love with a younger man but he doesn’t know it and she keeps trying to do things to get him to like her.

I have a friend who had a small part in Factory Girl.

I saw the Accountant recently.

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I saw rogue one. It wasn’t very good and I am a star wars fan.

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I go to the movies once or twice a month. Recently I saw Logan and Beauty and the Beast. Both were good.

The last movies I watched were It Follows (really good) and Schindler’s List (mostly good, had a couple issues with it though).

watching kubo and the two strings now…Netflix feudal japan animated movie its cg but a highly stylized art style… about a boy with one eye who has music magic searching for his fathers enchanted armor but his evil grandfather the moon king is after him…
recently I watched a transformers prime cg movie… tiger… and some directors opinions on American history from ww2 until last year… and the 4 deadly winds wu tang movie… cheesy kung fu but awesome…

I saw barely lethal movie last. I enjoyed it want to see more like that

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I saw ‘La La Land’ recently, and I quite liked it.
It was a bit weird hearing Emma Stone sing, and she resembles a Sphynx cat more and more, but she did a great job, and the overall movie was very good.

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I watched “Basic Instict” last night. It’s a very old one. I watched a movie called “The Storm of the Century” a few weeks ago. It was great. It is a Stephen King movie, and Mr. King really delivers on the suspense.

I know I’ve seen movies but I can’t remember what they were. Oh. Remember one. Warm bodies. Saw it in hospital with my son. It was a good zombie movie. My son is into zombies.

I fell asleep before the movie ended though.

I saw Ghost in the Shell in IMAX 3D, a short while ago, and it was pretty ■■■■■■■ amazing.

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I watch movies on Amazon Prime. I most recently watched Lion: 4 stars! It was great. And I watched A Monster Calls: 4+ stars! It was unbelievable. Cried my way through both of those. I watched Split for the second time: 3 stars. Some good therapeutic dialogue and amazing acting. I watched Rogue One: I missed a chunk of it in the middle. 3 stars for what I saw. 99 Homes: 2 stars. Oh, I watched Kubo with my students: 2 stars. I expected to like it more. I also watched Muana with my students: 4 stars. I was surprised how much I liked it. And I watched Emperors New Groove with my students (for about the tenth time): 4 stars. It’s one of the funniest movies ever. :blush:

Recently watched Logan, zootopia, beauty and the beast, sword art online, and your name the anime. All were very good. I feel proud I can squeeze this in now that I’m working and don’t have the time or energy to finish a book.

Last movie I saw was Sisters with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. I enjoyed it for the most part. Some of the characters have funny moments too.

Kong: skull island, Logan, split