Would you like to travel the world with money

would you like to travel the world with money


i don’t even really care about traveling thatmuch i just want the money lol

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I’ve traveled quite a bit… across most states in the US, Canada, Most of Western Europe, and extensivly in Asia. I would prefer to stay in the best hotels but backpacking around on a low budget seems very interesting too

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what type of money???/

how much are you worth?

not much, spent and lost a lot and I can’t work, but I do like to travel

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I don’t like money

Since when?

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I would hate to travel the world, I like to stay in at home where I know I am safe from other people .

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I get anxiety from airplanes. Ya just give the moolah.

I want to travel esp to specific places but skip the money.
I want to travel for example to participate in tournaments, not what you have been thinking of.

I would Tim Ferriss and Jason Bourne my life. Having the set up like in the movie “The Accountant” would be neat.

I have managed to do some traveling.

I also traveled while psychotic.
It was horrid and I was not really helped as such.
I wore summer clothes with snow out side airports etc and every one else was wearing jackets etc

The hostesses refused to let me lend a blanket.
Then my hero a gorgeous man had smuggled one for me.
The gentleman gave me a blanket n wrapped around me.

He gave me his number but I was too psychotic to call or start relationship.

I love traveling with money if I’m well enough but I’m not well enough.

My delusions,paranoia etc and I avoid people so being surrounded by them may be way to difficult.

I have enough coping with Day to day life and I chose to just stay at home and leave home as little as possible.

It can be so exciting though to travel with money.

I have been blessed to have stayed at some nice hotels.

It’s difficult being around my boyfriends friends n family n socialising cause go mute often or feel attacked etc

But not by all people n not always just most of time.

So many beautiful countries and places n cultures n foods n people to explore but in person I may not be up for it or well n stable enough.

I never want to be psychotic while traveling alone ever again etc

with or without money, i would probably find it cool to travel the world, to see the many different features of nature.

I only went on one cruise but it was great. I could go around the ship when I felt like it and then could be a hermit in my room. Also to mention it had a beach destination where we went to a beach with no on there but my wife and I. Very nice change from the crowds