Upgrades. Super humans

What upgrades would you get?

I think they may get to the point where they can sever the pain functions in a brain and replace it with some other way to know the body is hurt. No pain and you still know your body needs help, great one right there. You could break a leg and not feel a thing but you’d still know.

Bone to metal transplants, unbreakable and durable, good one right there.

What about completely transplanting your consciousness into a robot? Would you do that? No more flesh, sounds good to me.

New and better working eyes, complete with zooming functions, you could see much much farther and in much greater detail if you wished. Eh? Eh? What about that? Perhaps they could even have microscopic functions.

What upgrades would you get or which ones have you thought of?


On that topic I read this article about cloning new brains for the mentally ill maybe in the future. I don’t know if I would go through with it?

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To not age. And maybe have thc gland in my brain. That’s what I wanted before I got sick.

I’ve already got one upgrade: Cardiac pacer. Would like a new bionic pump. Turbo, of course.

Would be nice to live without the chronic pain that is a leftover from breaking my back in my twenties.

Brain uploads? Where do I sign up?


Hmmm I would like to be able to shoot spaghetti out of my fingertips. Yes :grin:


I can’t remember where I read the article unfortunately

I’m using Google Calendar as a memory extension as I type this. :blush:


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Maybe telekinetic abilities. With it and X-ray vision or something. There would be no limit to what you could do.

Dr Manhattan was probably the most powerful super hero ever as he eventually became a god.

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I would genetically engineer myself to be super strong and a genius. I would also want to be able to have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours without complications. How’s that?

But if we’re going to get into super human abilities, I would want the same special abilities as my entity: telepathy and mind controlling abilities.

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How would you use your superhuman abilities? If I could control minds I would control women’s minds to be super attracted to me. I could play games with people’s minds just like our entities do to all of us, just imagine LOL It would be fun. I would be the coolest guy in town and would create a secret society.

Not sure how that would be fun. It wouldn’t be real and you would be abusing the women.


Id help people.

Thats all that i would do.

Prevent, stop, and ease suffering of all kinds.


Good on you pans.

Most people don’t seem to realize that we have already been upgraded to cyborgs, and the upgrades are just progressing:

“Don’t Worry, We’re Already Cyborgs”

After the cell phone, I think the next upgrade is going to be smart glasses. That is going to be a huge step for humanity. We might have a quick period where smart watches are more popular than smart glasses, but I think that smart glasses will replace the cell phone soon:

“…the smart glasses opportunity, a technology that is touted to potentially even replace the smartphone.” - See more at:

As explained in the link from Forbes above, humans have been progressing (evolving?) from normal humans, to clunky cyborgs, to more advanced cyborgs.

But, if history is any indication, most humans won’t use their new powers to improve themselves much. They will probably use it to entertain themselves and socialize, just as they used the cell phones and internet. One study indicated that many people would rather administer electric shocks to themselves than think:

Take stickk.com as an example. People can use their smart phones to motivate themselves to do specific things, like hyper-motivated cyborgs. I have used it to motivate myself to develop a PC application for work, get a glowing recommendation from my former supervisor on Linkedin.com, and used that to get higher-paying jobs.

But, how many people actually use stickk.com to become better cyborgs? If you look at their site, 280,492 commitments have been created so far, which means that under 300,000 people have used it. There are 300 million people in the U.S. alone, which means that well under 0.1 % of people have used it, and more than 99.9% of people haven’t.

Do you think it is because it hasn’t been advertised enough? It has been advertised by Time, Fox News, NBC, BBC, CBS, and The New York Times. How much do people need to be beaten over the head before they use an easy-to-use technology to improve themselves?

“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.”-James Allen

If you want to improve yourself to become something more than human, an advanced cyborg, some technologies and techniques are becoming available. Do some thinking about how to improve yourself, and some digging on the internet, and you will probably find some interesting techniques.

As mentioned above, most people probably won’t do that. Using technologies to improve yourself that 99.9% of other humans don’t use. Evolving into something more than a normal human. Isn’t that worth living for, @Pansdisease? :smile:

Smart contact lens Will be the future

“The percentage of people wearing glasses (57 percent) is much higher than the percentage of contact lens wearers (12 percent).”

With statistics like that, what would make you think that smart contacts would be more popular than smart glasses? The smart glasses of the near future (like, the next year or two) aren’t going to look like Google Glass. They are going to look like designer sun glasses.

If they were truly like having screens in your eyes or a head up display people who don’t even need glasses/contact would probably wear them. These statistics can change.

I would always prefer glasses as they are cleaner and need less maintainable. The only problem with them is the spots that develop on either side of the nose.

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BRANDOM AND POSTHUMAN AGENCY: AN ANTI-NORMATIVIST RESPONSE TO BOUNDED POSTHUMANISM - See more at: http://enemyindustry.net/blog/#sthash.vPhoefJ4.dpuf

Interesting to see where the biohackers are going and why. Today biohacking to receive infrared sight, tomorrow…

Because many many many people do not wish to wear glasses . I for one would take preference to contacts because then they would be hidden. And I just don’t like wearing glasses.
And as of course there will be glasses as well. Contacts are just a step beyond glasses

but i also didn’t say they would be the most popular. lol

speaking of technology, my dad told me that microsoft is going to be coming out with some really good stuff soon.

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