Would stigma turn into praise...?


surely stigma would turn into praise if they had a taste of psychosis or even depression:)


anyone here agree…?


I agree. Both of my children are my heroes. I learn as much from them as they do from me. They have been through a lot and still stand tall. Very commendable. :heart:


I agree Pedro, people would be more understanding Im sure.


Stigma is discrimination. Manifested… Don’t let it be your diagnosis.


Surely the stigma was created by the illuminati!


No… Maybe there was a sarcastic comment once, or twice… by someone who could easily be construed as an “illuminati”. By someone who didn’t see any need at explaining himself to the paranoid. But its a displaced cynicism… A propagation of ignorance.


I think if people all knew what schizophrenia is like…maybe if everyone was forced to watch one of those schizophrenia simulation videos like they showed in my abnormal psych class, people would give us kudos for just staying alive and not jumping off a bridge. The teacher asked us how accurate we thought the video was (to see if we had read) and I raised my hand and said “I have paranoid schizophrenia and I can tell you that it’s pretty accurate”.