Would It Be Nice

To Have A Category On This Forum Titled: “Usual \ Common Beliefs”.

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My first post in that currently vaporware forum category would be: why do people who use English use a title for the Supreme Being of the Universe in such a way which indiciates the the bearing of a a penis or any genitals at all or any gender we would understand of such a Being. That’s extremely limiting, for such a Being.

(sorry my pronouns are indicated by my title) sorry to disapoint. Lets see what the Moderators will do.

Noun: Person, Place, or Thing, or ? What pronoun should we use for ?!

Yeah that’s true, that would be a good idea

No it wouldn’t, because it might throw people off.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking, u mean like delusions that aren’t that bad right? I guess that’s why they left that alone because it’s still unusual, ya know? Mine have been pretty mild here lately as well, still in that category though

This virtual forum category is not about delusions, its about commonly held usual beliefs.

Yeah I get what you’re sayin

Thank you for communicating with me!

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What would think would be other Topics for this virtual forum category about Commonly Held, Usual beliefs?

Probably day to day life, some of us have turned prior delusions into almost coping mechanisms, so maybe talking about that, actually a good idea, that’s almost what breaks this habit we’ve got into, you have to change it to fit your inner world

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