Would it be cool to have a scar on the face?

When I was a little kid I think an X-Men had a scar on his face. I always thought that was the coolest. I just watched a music video where this older dude had a scar on his face. I guess it’s only cool if you have a good story.

Caution: Creating a scar on your face may cause an infection. Please don’t.

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I once fell face first on concrete and received a gash from my cheek to my lip. I thought I might have a scar. Luckily it went away. I only mention that because when I experienced having a gash on my face. People would look at me funny. I think with a scar people would do the same. It just sorta stands out. I’m thankful it didn’t become a huge scar.


A long time ago I used to have scars on my forehead.

They weren’t too deep though, thankfully they went away as I got older.


I have a scar on my chin from where i was attacked by 3 guys in an unprovoked assault in Manchester.

They kicked out one of my front teeth and fractured my eye socket.

I dissociated the event, until the morning when I came to when they were stitching my chin. I’d been conscious and acting normally, but actually had a fugue dissociation not knowing much about the night.

Two of the guys were caught, one got away and the whole assault was caught on camera.

They were sent down to prison for 2 and the other 3 years.

My tooth is still missing ( don’t know where that went :D) and the scar remains, now half hidden by my anchor goatee.


That’s an amazingly crazy story. Glad you recovered. It must have been hard to leave your house/apartment/flat after that.

Lol, three months later I had left Manchester, England for Madrid, Spain teaching English to business.

I had to come back for the court case.

I am lucky not to be that afflicted by anxiety.

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The people who attacked you are scumbags. Were they in a gang? I heard that was big in the UK.

There is a violent undercurrent in the UK. Manchester is known for its ‘Scallies’. It has recently turned to knife violence which is an equaliser for those that can’t fight, hence the increase in knife crime.

They were scumbags looking for violence that night. The main guy had a history of steroid abuse.

I was out cold from the first punch. They proceeded to kick me and then while I was lying on the ground came around to specifically punch in the mouth and knock out my teeth. It was all on the video which I watched back.

I am not sure about gang related, but they knew each other.

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Were you out for a night on the town maybe going to a restaurant or just walking somewhere? You seem like you don’t drink alcohol because of your meditation.

I have two face scars. I have a circle shape on my nose from an unfortunate laser tag-related accident and a line on my cheek from where a student threw a book at me. Both of them are pretty faded now, compared to a few years ago. I think they make me look pretty badass.


This was in 2002. I was out with my ex girlfriend, trying to persuade her to sleep with me again lol. I answered back to one of the loud mouth cunts and then 5 minutes later they set on me without me even seeing them.

Meditation has led me to appreciate the moment of drunkeness even more when I drink. :smiley:

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lol you are Liam Neeson x 100

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lol. I don’t wander the streets looking for revenge like liam neeson :stuck_out_tongue:


It works for Harry Potter :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


haha how could I forget about Harry Potter? That is one heck of a story too.


@TheBest before I read your first post, I saw your avatar to the right of my vision, creepy. I didn’t read this thread though. I wouldn’t look good with a scar


That’s the look I was going for. Thanks.

I’m afraid of the dude who lives in a trash can.

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Grover hahahaha

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I have small scars on my face when I was very sick and cut my arms, hands and face!

The scars have mostly faded but are noticeable if one looks very carefully.

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Scars are badass yea. I have badass scars on my nose from picking my spots

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