Worrying about other people

I wondered why I worried about the others in the house so much and now realize that I was simply avoiding focusing on admitting and dealing with my own frustrations. Not cool.


I have a fortunate living situation; just myself and my partner.
We go about our own hobbies and interests in separate rooms while still being company
for each other; both quite liberal and neither of us policing the other.

I take my frustrations out in public forums (not this one because people are frustrated enough here).

If you stop and think about it there, most likely, isn’t a terrible lot you need to change other than learning how to relax
and not let your thoughts eat at you so much.

I wasn’t cute.:slight_smile:

Pretty is too easy
Hence the term “Pretty Easy”

I started off pretty but was quickly growing up to be a right, arrogant, self-centered pr**k

Best to first live an existence not having much to offer to learn who your real friends are before trying out a 2nd existence and giving away all of your pretty to the first ingrate that comes along.