Worry about my vehicle has me stuck at home and missing work

I found out today that I am on the schedule at work this week, had no clue until my boss texted me asking me if I’m coming in. Halfway there the engine got all herky jerky and the engine light started flashing. I know what it means, misfires, but I didn’t feel safe continuing, so I turned around and came home. I had to call off. I texted my brother-in-law, he’s a mechanic, and he said it could just need a tune up, or it could need a new coil. He didn’t consider it to be anything big, but I’m worried. I hope it’s a cheap fix, I can’t afford much of a repair with trying to save for moving expenses. I’m going to try driving to my nurse appt in the morning and see what happens, though I’m staying off the expressways. I may take it to the mechanic afterward, see what they say.

I’m just frustrated and worried at the moment, just needed to vent. I realize this post won’t be interesting to anyone, unless we happen to have someone on here who is knowledgeable about cars.

oh no! I hope it’s something simple and cheap. I hope work won’t be mad.

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I don’t think they’ll be too mad. It’s been at least a couple months since I last called off, not like when I called off a lot when I was depressed and filled with overwhelming anxiety.

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@TheGreatestDrZen is knowledgeable about cars. Maybe he had some thoughts regarding your car issues. :blue_car: :thinking:


I think you need to get the car fixed tomorrow morning (or sooner) because you don’t want to keep calling off from your work. Put the cost of the repair on a credit card if you have to. Keeping your job is priority #1.

Yeah, my credit cards are nearly maxed out, unfortunately; my debit card has funds, but I was planning on using those funds for my move. I’ll see what happens when I drive to my appointment tomorrow; I’ll probably get it looked at after my appointment regardless of what happens. I don’t work tomorrow, but I could take a taxi to work Thursday if I have to.

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Sorry @freakonaleash :neutral_face::neutral_face:

Rent a car is 15 bucks a day for small ones here.
You said you can not use public transport ?

We have a bus system here, but I’ve never learned how to use it. The busses don’t run to my job, anyway. Rental cars are a bit more expensive here, though not terribly expensive. A cab ride wouldn’t be too expensive, as it is only about 6 or 7 miles away. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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I use public transport almost always and i just make sure to find the right connections on an app on my phone. I have never had any problems and it is max 6 bucks to go and come back together.

It is strange not to have public transport :thinking:
Good luck

Cabs here cost a fortune though

I just looked, and the cheapest rental I could get would be $45/day.

For something like a small hyundai :crying_cat_face:
Depends on also how many days you rent i think :eyes: Strange!!!

You do not have car insurance?

I have insurance, but it does nothing for stuff like this, only for accidents.

Yeah it was not an accident ?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Sorry and good luck !!!

If the check engine light is on you can read the code and figure out exactly what’s wrong with it. I have a code reader in my workshop but if you don’t have one you can take it to any car parts store and they will read it for free.

The check engine light only comes on for things related to emissions so it shouldn’t be anything major. Could be a plug. Possibly a coil pack. All of those are easy to change.

Could always use Uber

Yeah, it didn’t stay on, though. It had stopped flashing by the time I made it home, maybe because I was at a lower speed (I was going 50 mph when it started flashing), I don’t know. If the light is off I don’t know if a scan will show anything, that’s a concern I have. I once tried to get a scan at an AutoZone for the same problem, and the guy said a scan wouldn’t show anything because the light was no longer flashing.

Lol I’m way too paranoid to use Uber.

It’s the only taxi service I use, so easy and usually a better deal than other taxis

If the lights not on there is no code. That could be a more serious (expensive) problem if there is no light.

You can check the oil and make sure it’s nice and black. That means there is no water in the oil which could mean a blown head or intake gasket.

I’d be terrified the entire ride, concerned about what the driver might be about to do to me, playing out every scenario in my head. It’s worth the money to me to pay for an actual taxi.