Worried that im famous. I feel like people are gossiping about me and laughing at me

Someone was rude to me in a shop then talked ot everyone else but me then started mentioning that life is easier when your not famous. Whilst glancing at me. Does this mean anything.


they probably were referring to their self, just trying to impress you with the conversation. like “oooooooooooooooooo i couldve been famous but im better off without it” PROCEEDS TO STARE AT PERSON TRYING TO IMPRESS WITH THIS STATEMENT they probably were rude to you because they had a crush on you but no one else in the room. it happens.

i may be wrong but its definitely possible


Google your name. See if you are famous. I’m betting you are not.


I wonder what it means to you, are you famous? I don’t know… it probably is not easy if you are.

The last thing I would like to be in life is famous. The way i see it, the more people with eyes on you, the less free you are. it is like a spider’s web. it is a trap.

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In my case I would say knowledge of me is widespread, but I don’t think I would call it fame.

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I know I’m not famous, but I do think feeling famous for most people with mental illness is a symptom called a delusion of grandeur. Subconsciously I think sometimes we isolate so much or become so withdrawn to the general public that in the deepest recess of our minds a need to find self importance ruminates due to loneliness.

Don’t feel judged about it though. It is a common symptom many of us have had experience in dealing with, everything from thinking your a prophet (my personal experience with it) to thinking you’re the savior of all life or believing oneself to be God.

I do have a slightly similar delusion about fame, now mine isn’t outright that I am famous, but I do believe many journalists, researchers, and professionals as well as regular folk might sometimes browse the forum to see what people who suffer mental illness might be like. I mean it would be logical to think that during a mental health awareness day, or after learning of a relative being diagnosed, or even after a news article, some might be likely to visit these forums. I know that some months we have had a lot of online traffic.

Well, in my mind, we live in the age of information where a few small articles can blur the line between what is a statistical probability and what is an anomaly. I suppose people call it misinformation. I mean reading enough articles about a few isolated incidents can easily convince a person there is some sort of deep problem with a group. And sadly sometimes that pattern of thought does enough to convince a sizeable amount of the general population. With that in mind, I have thought about that and with the stigma in mind, I have set out to achieve some form of awareness of our humanity in my posts. I mean it is true I do stupid things sometimes, but honestly I think sometimes a small tidbit of information online can make a difference that can not only harm, but can also help instead.

I mean supposing journlists and researchers do visit once in awhile, talking about things like over 200,000 homicides in Mexico within the last 10 years which is right next to the U.S. or mentioning topics regarding overcoming drug addiction and the lasting effects might be able to somehow influence the current events being discussed. I don’t mean like from one day to the next, but in the grand scheme of things. Awareness and all that. I think the same about communication showing an impact on people’s preconceived perceptions of each other’s cultures. I mean surely some might know I am Mexican and so I try to be on my good behavior to exhude the graciousness of Mexican people. I think also the same goes for learning about others. I mean I know there are people here from China as well as Russia. It is good to learn, and honestly, I don’t hate either country, for example I vehemently disagree with the necessity of the war in Ukraine but at the same time I know both Russian and Ukrainian people will lose loved ones over the thirst for power and resources and I feel sadness about that.

To further explain what I mean about the fame delusion, although I do not believe I am famous and I do really like the anonymity provided in this forum, I do think talking about things like that can definitely change things in the grand scheme of things, hopefully for the better. I mean it is not my intent to spur civil unrest in Russia or anything of that sort, but I do think realistically, once families start losing loved ones due to the war, the nature of its necessity will reveal itself and hopefully reduce the length of it. I guess it’s like tampering with the elections but backwards where the idea that truth does prevail in the end, although they do say history is written by the victor. Mostly though, I do wonder why the news here doesn’t show much about undocumented migrants not only in the U.S. but also in Mexico as well as all the bloodshed drugs and firearms have caused. My thoughts are people don’t like to hear about it, but I mean we’re not all drug dealers.

I guess the idea that it is a serious issue and mentioning certain things like mental health can reduce the stigma or even just get the ball further rolling on awareness about such problems affecting our communities. Seriously, fentanyl and meth… really bad ■■■■, it is a global problem at this point.


I mean I guess there’s always Univision. Jorge Ramos is like our Andy Rooney, hopefully he makes it that long. Maybe not everyone has the gift of gab, despite my penmanship, in person I’m relatively quiet and often silly. The thing is when Jorge Ramos let’s us know something is going on, it is because something is going on.

Slightly off topic but with regards to delusions similar to that of fame, I seriously do think extraterrestrials (and I don’t really prefer that term either) are observing us and I swear I just saw a bright light soar. The delusion is that certain minor things can increase a noticeable impact and maybe that post was one of them. For the sake of humor,
would extraplanetary beings be politically correct? But I think some of them might be used to living on a space ship. Delusions and stuff. I mean it probably went to go see what Jorge Ramos is up to now. :grin:

For the record though, the U.S. is great I do want to make it a fact that diversity will succeed. See little ■■■■ like that. I think it spurs on the good kind of patriotism. Maybe even morality.

There is no tree that is a single shade of green.

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See this is the type thing I mean. I’m not actively trying to do any of that, I just mean talking about certain things can gain traction. In this case the mention of casualties and the effects they have on either side during a war and the necessity or reasoning of it.

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I totally agree. I couldn’t think of anything worse x

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Sounds like delusional thinking.

Just rationalize. Why would you be famous?

so life for most people is a competition and some excel. i find it great. i am listening to some beautiful classical music that was created because they cared for competition so they excelled and i like very much what they did. i like my iphone. i like ferraris and porshes and sports cars and motorcycles. so those who excel in their field of competition become famous. it is how it works. competition, they care, some excel, press brings those who excel to the spotlight. i dont compete as that would be stupid. but they do. nice stuff they make. i am cave man. tech man. i dont care. i adapt. we all do. but thinking life is a competition makes no sense. thinking we intersect makes no sense.

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