I feel like im a celebrity

everywhere i go i always hear cameras flashing, people yelling my name, and just chaos everytime i go outside. of course this is all in my head, im well aware of that. but sometimes it feels too real. i dont even use instagram or much of any other social media, but i feel like i have the following audience of a kardashian lol (literally i feel that famous). when im on youtube i see a thumbnail of a video with my face on it with my name and the word “scandal” or phrase “under fire” in the title.

it sucks cuz i dont even wanna be famous. it just feels that way. it gets to a point where i see myself on tv in my head. its fun sometimes becuz i could be a musician performing their latest hit song, an actress in a tv series, or reporting news on a channel. ive even seen myself on ellen and oprah getting interviewed. i guess its ok sometimes but its getting out of hand and disrupting me from my daily life of things that i have to and should get done.

what do u guys thinks? do u ever feel famous? does it bother u? and how might u deal with it?
thx for reading!


this’s never been a delusion or belief I had…

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really? thats interesting. idk whats causing me to feel this way lol.
u never feel like paparazzi’s following u or something?

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no, i feel totally insignificant, like a nobody. while i do feel uncomfortable when i go out, its more like i just feel that way because i go out so rarely and am not at ease in the presence of people.

no, ive never had delusions of being followed or being popular or famous

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oh ok that makes sense.
but i dont think ur insignificant! ur helping me by commenting on my post and giving me a different opinion.^^ id say that makes u a somebody (at least in these forums if its hard for u to believe)

i think i have this unhealthy sense of narcissism where i think everything is about me. i need to stop doing that lol but i guess the paranoia makes me seem 10 times more self absorbed. i gotta take a chill pill lol

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narcissism is a personality disorder, right? i used to be quite narcissistic as well as a teenager, i watched all of sam vaknins youtube channel with great fascination. but now i don’t really consider personality disorders serious illnesses or take them seriously at all. sz is way more severe.

for some people, even those on good doses of antipsychotics, sometimes the world takes on a strange coloring. you have bizarre or innappropriate thoughts and ideas, you focus too much on strange things. they may not be full blown delusions which you hold with conviction, but they still make your life harder because the way you see the world is slightly removed from the way other normal people generally see it.

i think you’re looking at the world through a distorted lens, which reflects some kind of psychological abnormality.

i see the world the same way, except my lens doesn’t make me feel famous or anything, it is always very negative.

maybe you might have this:

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lol a lot of that seems pretty legit to me. thx for the link. i dont think i have an extreme case of something but that pronoia thing seems pretty accurate. although i wont go web diagnosing myself too soon haha.

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